Is it better to check in online or at the airport?

Check-in is required to board the plane. But it is frustrating as passengers have to wait at the airport, leading to a waste of time. Hence, the airline comes with an alternative, i.e., online check-in, to save time. Is it better to check in online or at the airport? If this is your question before boarding the plane, you can figure it out here and decide for yourself. Check-in gives an idea to the airline about how many passengers will board the flight so they can make enough arrangements for their convenience, like adequate food availability.

Online Check in Vs Airport Check in

Advantages of choosing online check in that you can save your time and avoid the big lines at the airport. While in the case of airport check in you have to wait for your turn.

How to check in online?

Passengers can check-in online and through a mobile device. Check the app of the airline of your device and follow the instructions:

  • Visit the website/ open the airline app on your device. 
  • Select the online check-in option. 
  • Enter the details, like the passenger's confirmation number and last name. 
  • Select the seat, or upgrade your flight if required. 
  • And get the boarding pass, and you can print it.

This means you can head to the security check gate for the aircraft after entering the airport. In case you have checked your baggage, drop your bag at the checking counter. By following this simple process, here are the troubles that you can keep at bay:

Benefitss of choosing Online Check in

  • Avoid long check-in lines at the Airport:
  • More options to choose the better seat
  • Skip checking fee
  • Airlines offer rewards for online check-in:

Avoid long check-in lines at the Airport: You don’t need to leave for the airport a few hours early and wait for your turn in those long queues. 

More options to choose the better seat: Travelers can check in from the comfort of their homes and book their seats without visiting the airport. 

Skip checking fee: There are some airlines that charge check-in fees at the airport. So that they can avoid unnecessary long- queues. Likewise, AirAsia imposes a check-in fee in some selected cities and countries. Check the website before going to the airport check-in. 

Airlines offer rewards for online check-in: Airlines encourage online check-in over airport check-in so that the process becomes rapid. Thus, airlines reward to motivate passengers.

As a result, travelers can make their journey smoother and faster by avoiding in-person contact at the airport. However, if you want to check in at the airport, here is the process shared.

A guide for Airport Check-in

After visiting the airport, passengers must first check-in, and many airlines permit you to check in 24 hours before the departure schedule. You can find out the check-in timing on your confirmation ticket. A print boarding pass is mandatory to get in the aircraft and check a bag. Some airlines provide a self-check-in kiosk service, and to avail of the service, share your details like ticket reservation to get a boarding pass, check bags, and select seats. After that, it allows you to drop your luggage for weighing. In case your airport doesn’t have a self-check-in system, ask customer service for check-in and go through the security checkpoint.

To conclude, it is suggested to choose online check-in to save time and avoid long queues. However, if you have no issues waiting at the airport, you can prefer airport check-in. 

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