Is it safe to travel with Copa Airlines

Is Copa a safe Airline?

Everyone is scared nowadays, even with the thought of traveling with the COVID-19 virus still peeking from the nook. But, if you want to travel but in a safe environment, then Copa Airlines can be your best bet. Copa maintains its brand dignity by adjusting all the necessary do’s and don'ts to keep its passengers safe until they reach their respective destinations.

For Copa Airlines, nothing matters more than the well-being of its travelers and employees. If you are wondering, is it safe to travel with Copa Airlines then stop contemplating anymore. As to provide the safest environment of work and travel, Copa takes all the preventive measures.

Safety Related Measures at Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is confident with its updated information and safety measures taken on every aircraft. The sanitation and cleaning level of the airline is very commendable, which makes Copa even more trustworthy even in this deadly pandemic situation. Below mentioned are some of the initiatives taken by the airline to maintain its safety records:

While boarding at the departure airport

Given below are some efficient protocols that need to be abided by all the travelers boarding with Copa Airlines-

  1. To enter your respective departure airport, you need to be wearing a face mask constantly and should not be kept down until you are at the airport.
  2. Comply with all the social distancing requirements presented by the airline and respective health authorities.
  3. The administration will call each group separately to minimize the rush, so please wait until your group is next.

When onboard with your flight

Equipped with High-Efficiency Filters, which can purify 99.97% of all kinds of virus and bacterial presence, it is futile even to think- is Copa a safe airline. 

  1. There is an air recirculation system installed in each Copa flight, which renews the air after every 2-3 minutes. 
  2. The aircraft are thoroughly disinfected to ensure every passenger gets the safest and highly cleaned travel experience with Copa Airlines.
  3. The disinfectants used by the airline are high-rated and officially recommended by Boeing and other authentic health authorities.

Methods adopted by Copa Airlines to make your travel even safer

Check the below-mentioned points to understand the initiatives of Copa Airlines for the sake of its traveler’s safety:

  1. Each flight operated by Copa is mandated to be sanitized using the electrostatic sprayer before its departure.
  2. The airline adopted an enhanced cabin cleaning procedure to maintain the cleanliness of windows, tray tables, armrests, seat belt buckles, and entertainment center.

Restrictions at Copa Airlines

There are some restrictions at Copa Airlines which the travelers must comprehend;

  1. Magazines and pillows that you usually get as onboard amenities will be removed to maintain safety.
  2. Blankets are available only for the Business Class tickets covering the route for 6 hours or longer. 
  3. Food and beverages provided by the airline are prepackaged.
  4. Movement in between the aisle is either prohibited or minimized during the flight.

For any further safety-related information based on your arrival and departure airport departure, you can check the official website of Copa Airlines. So wondering is it safe to travel with Copa Airlines is baseless as the airline has adopted several measures to give a safe and sound travel experience. 



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