Is Qatar Airport open for International Flights?

All about International flights at Qatar Airport 

It’s been a while since you have seen the world. The journey of traveling should begin in Qatar. Qatar is a peninsular Arab country. It is best known for its vast wealth, skyscrapers, international airport, and safety. Having to travel to Qatar in itself is going to be the best decision of your life.

Now, if you are wondering, Is airport open for international flights?  Then, to answer your question, Yes, Qatar airport is open for international airports. If you want to know the facilities, services,  and restrictions you have to follow in order to fly to Qatar. Refer to the page below and get to know everything.

Restrictions on International flights

After Covid -19 pandemic took over the world, all the airlines have become a lot more precautions regarding the safety of their passengers. You can travel to Qatar, but you need to follow the restrictions s mentioned below:

  1. The primary restriction of all is to get yourself vaccinated and have your full vaccinated certification ready before traveling for your safety. 
  2. It is necessary to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask. Make sure that you have enough medical face masks. 
  3. Maintain a distance of at least two meters when at social gatherings. 
  4. Do not go to the airport if you have the following symptoms. 

A- Fever 

B- Cold 

C- Cough 

D- Loss of taste or smell. 

  1. Ensure that you have the Ehteraz app on your handset to check your health status and travel when the light is green. 
  2. Only travelers are allowed to enter the airport terminal buildings. 
  3. Check-in online if you can. Bring only the necessities of your journey and get all of your documents ready. 
  4. Practice the regular sneezing and coughing rituals. 
  5. If you feel ill during the ride, then immediately inform the crew and get the necessary medical assistance. 
  6. Limit your movement and retaliate by touching any object and only get in contact with whatever is required.

Therefore, this is for the guidelines or restrictions for international travelers going to Qatar. All of these restrictions are necessary to abide by for your and others’ safety.  Continue reading further to know what you get at the airport.

Services for International flights

Now, there are a lot of services Qatar Airport provides to its international flights, which makes their journey outstanding and worth it. If you are traveling to Qatar, then make sure to read the following points on their services.

  1. There are spacious and well-maintained prayer rooms at each passenger terminal, separated for both men and women.
  2. There are foreign exchange stores located nearby the passenger terminal to exchange the currency easily. 
  3. Qatar airport has separate smoking room, keeping n min the comfort of the passenger who smoke and the safety of the one who doesn’t. 
  4. Multiple ATMs are located at each passenger terminal for the convenience of the passengers. 
  5. Every passenger terminal has free wireless internet connectivity. There are internet kiosks for free web browsing, and Telephone booths are provided for connecting with the world. 
  6. The medical services are in operation 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can acquire medical assistance at any time of the day. 
  7. You can immediately contact the airport services or drop a mail to them if you have lost something on the flight or at the passenger terminal.
  8. There are activity rooms to keep the young travelers engaged. The baby strollers, Parent’s room, and Family Toilets are provided at the terminal too. 

That being said, this is it for the services of Qatar airport for its passengers.


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