Is Tuesday the Cheapest Day to Book Flights?

Is it really true that Tuesday is the best day to book an airline ticket?

Is Tuesday the cheapest day to book flights? The ideal day to book airline tickets has traditionally been regarded as Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday. If you have a travel credit card, finding cheap flights or figuring out when to buy airline tickets is less of an issue these days.

When you use your travel credit card to make purchases, the miles and points you earn can cover the entire cost of your airline ticket or a significant portion of it. But first, let's look at which days of the week are truly the cheapest for flying, and how far in advance you should book your tickets to get those inexpensive airline flights.

Is There a 'Tuesday Cheapest Flight Day'?

Is Tuesday the cheapest day to book flights? Yes, absolutely! It's all about supply and demand. Business travelers frequently fly out on Monday to begin the week and return on Thursday night or Friday. And vacationers are boarding airlines on Fridays or Saturdays to begin their vacations and return home on Sundays. So that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday, which are the cheapest days to fly statistically.

Flying on Tuesday rather than Sunday (the most costly day to fly) can save you up to $76 per ticket on average.

Traveling on Tuesday is indeed inconvenient. However, when arranging a vacation, look beyond the box. Instead of taking a week off from work from Monday to Friday, take a week off from Wednesday to Tuesday. It's the same five days, but you'll save money on airfares and have an uninterrupted weekend at your destination, rather than two weekends spent recovering from the inbound travel and packing for the outbound trip.

What if you booked your ticket on the cheapest day of the week Tuesday?

Is Tuesday the cheapest day to book flights? According to Internet travel detective, Tuesday is the greatest day to seek cheap plane tickets. 

According to the assumption, airlines usually offer bargains on Monday evenings, and other airlines strive to match such deals by Tuesday lunchtime. So, the best day to book airline tickets is Tuesday. You might get lucky and catch one of the major airlines testing a fare price right after midnight, or on a Monday, but it's hit or miss.

When Should You Make Your Reservations?

Other than Tuesday, Seasons have an impact on airline deals as well. Almost every season has its share of costly moments and locations. However, if you know when to schedule a flight during each season, you can get cheap flights. Here’s what you should know about the finding of cheap airline tickets.


  • The best time to buy is 47 days ahead of time.
  • The best time to book is 14 to 160 days before your trip.
  • The difference in price between the best and worst days is $203.


  • The best time to buy is 69 days ahead of time.
  • The best time to book is between 21 and 100 days before your trip.
  • The difference in pricing between the best and worst days is $83.


  • The best time to buy is 62 days ahead of time.
  • The best time to book is between 21 and 110 days before your trip.
  • The difference in pricing between the best and worst days is $260.


  • The best time to buy is 90 days ahead of time.
  • The best time to book is 46 to 122 days before your departure date.

Similar Questions

Q- Do flight prices really go down on Tuesday?

Whenever the passengers plan a trip they make sure that it remains as affordable and convenient for them as possible. They make sure everything can be planned on budget and so they find ways to save money. The first thing the passengers focus on is their flight tickets. And before purchasing them it is mandatory that they should be aware of the tricks and tips through which they can buy cheap tickets:

  • The three days of the week are believed to be the cheapest days on which the passengers get the cheapest tickets that are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • So, Yes on Tuesday all of the airlines offere cheap deals to their passengers and automatically prices go down.
  • The ticket prices go higher as the time of the departure comes nearer so to avoid the expensive tickets book them in advance.
  • If the passengers make their search in Incognito Mode they will be safe from the false traps. They need to make sure to either search in Incognito Mode or delete the search history.
  • If the passengers will book their flight tickets during an off season it will help them to get the tickets cheaper. As the rush will be less during an off season.

All the above information will help the passengers to get cheap flight ticket. For more details, search and compare the Airline package deals and decide

Q- At what time do flight prices drop on Tuesday?

Many airlines reduce flight fares at different times and occasions. Many customers often search, “Do flight prices drop on Tuesday?” The answer to this question is yes. According to various research and traveling analysis, it is found that the cost is minimum on Tuesdays at midnight. As the flight departure date arrives near, the price doesn’t  get cheaper; instead, the worth increases multiple times of the original price.

If you are planning to reserve a flight for your next travel experience and you are searching at what time the price drops on Tuesdays, then you must try booking your flight anywhere around Tuesday midnight to grab the amazing deals. The prices are lower since very few people are willing to search for flights to their destination.

Apart from late night, customers can also look for the alternative early in the morning. Apart from the specific day of the week, different airlines vary prices at different times of the year. Customers must always check the annual flight fare calendar of the airlines to get the best available flight option to their destination. People must always refrain from booking their tickets during peak season.




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