How do I Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight?

We all have been there in the situation of canceling or postponing the much-awaited flight trip which was already confirmed. And canceling the confirmed flight booking becomes a nightmare if all your money goes wasted. But if you are canceling your Southwest Airlines flight bookings then your refund arrives on time.

Cancellation of flights and policies of the Southwest Airlines

If you ever cancel your bookings, then you have to follow some Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. With the help of these policies, you can easily find out if you can get a flight refund or not.

Steps to cancel the bookings of the Southwest Airlines

  1. To cancel the flight bookings of the Southwest Air, first of all, open the website and go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section of the site.
  2. Enter your booking number and the last name of the passenger and fetch the booking details first.
  3. Now once your flight bookings load, you can pick the cancel option and see if you can cancel your flight or not.
  4. If yes then follow the instructions and then cancel your reservations.
  5. After you cancel your bookings either online or by calling on the helpline number, you will be notified of the information.
  6. You can even visit the airline counter for the cancellation of the offline flight ticket.

Cancellation policies of Southwest Airlines

If you cancel your flight of the Southwest, then make sure to check the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. You can check the points in details in the mentioned given points.

1If you cancel your flight reservations within 24 hours of the booking then you can apply for a full refund. According to the Southwest 24 hours cancellation policy, people usually cancel the bookings at no charges and then get a full refund.

2.Similarly after 24 hours, for every flight being canceled you will get a refund only after deducting some cancellation charges.

3.In case you bought an award flight then it won’t be able to get canceled and would be no flight refund.

4.Once you have canceled your bookings, you can apply for the flight refund. And for the flight refund, you might take seven working days.

5.The airline would either process your flight refund the same way you paid for the flight or refund as credit shells that can be used to make the flight bookings in the future for one-year validity.

And with the help of the above steps, you can make the flight cancellation and request for a flight refund according to the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. In case of any doubt, you can contact the customer care team.


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