Low Cost Airlines in Argentina- Why are Flybondi, JetSmart good Choice

Why are Flybondi and JetSmart good low-fare options in Argentina?

Getting a low-budget flight is like a trance now in Argentina! Yes, you read that right. You can cover several attractive destinations as finding a low-budget airline with inexpensive airfare is now possible.

List of Two Low Cost Airlines in Argentina

There are two airlines with below the average fares to choose from until other airlines come back in the game:

1. Flybondi
2. JetSmart Argentina.

Both the airlines have a considerable fleet size, and by booking your tickets with them, you ensure that you explore the world by paying less. This low cost airlines in Argentina guide can help you understand these two airlines better and choose the best! Here, you find comprehensive factors that differ both airlines and let them stand out from the crowd. Keep rolling!

A Quick Guide To Help You Choose Between Flybondi and JetSmart

Several factors help you decide which airline to choose for your next trip. Some of the necessities are listed below for both the airline so that you can choose better:


About the Airline

Known as the first low-cost carrier of Argentina, Flybondi has collected much popularity amongst travelers. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, the airline allows you to cover 13 destinations with a fleet size of five.

Safety Initiatives

If you face safety concerns, you can take a sigh of relief as the airline abides by the regulations imposed by ANAC to maintain the highest safety measures.

Easy-To-Comprehend Process

The airline believes in simplicity; that is why you can find the booking and boarding process seamless.

24*7 Customer Service

Flybondi makes everything effective and efficient with its agile customer service on the ground and in the air.

However, if you are not convinced enough and need more options, you must try out one of the other low cost airlines in Argentina- JetSmart Argentina. The next section can guide you about the services and measures withheld by the airline to suit your convenience; check out.

JetSmart Argentina

About the Airline

The airline has its headquarters settled in Córdoba and has a fleet size of four. Also, the airline covers around 12 destinations worldwide, so you can find several direct and connecting aircraft providing their services in your preferred destination.


Recently, JetSmart Argentina announced that it is strengthening its itineraries to suit the requirements of as many travelers as possible.

Agile Customer Service

The airline has beguiling customer service professionals who work around the clock to help you anytime and with anything to enjoy a hassle-free journey to your preferred destination.

Never Ending Offers

You can find several enticing offers and deals to make your trip even more affordable. The airline keeps releasing discounts for its travelers, and if you have a subscription to its frequent flyer programs, you can rejoice in several perks.

Once you choose your preferred option from the available low cost airlines in Argentina, you can commence a budget-friendly journey. Grab a seat, choose, open the chosen airline’s website, make a booking and lead a cost-effective yet luxurious journey. Need booking assistance? You can contact your chosen airline’s customer service team to help you with any general travel-related queries.

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