New Zealand Laos Myanmar Lifts Covid-19 restrictions for Globetrotters

The last two years have been like a nightmare for many countries that are completely dependent on tourism. Their economy, which is based on tourism, almost crashed, yet the government has to take stringent steps to curb the menace of this deadly coronavirus. But now, the situation is different; people have been vaccinated and followed the covid-19 guidelines, which resulted in a lowering of cases across the world. Countries are now issuing travel advisory so that they can once again open their tourism sector for globetrotters. They have even begun to relax the Covid-19 norms. This may again help the covid-19 virus to surge, but countries cannot keep their economies for so long. They are relaxing covid-19 norms to lure tourists to visit their country.

Relaxations provided by European Union to the Tourists against Covid-19 norms

  1. Europe, which has seen the worst of the Covid-19 virus, has now begun to open their countries to tourists. They have begun to lift the travel restrictions that they have imposed earlier.
  2. Now they have dropped the mask mandate. It is not mandatory for tourists to wear a face mask in the European Union from next week. The easing of restrictions shows that these countries are now focusing on their economy.
  3. They have also lifted the travel restrictions on some of the countries. Tourists of these countries can travel to the European Union.

New Zealand is opening its tourism sector in July.

New Zealand has decided to open its tourism destination by July. New Zealand was quite successful in curbing covid-19, and now it has decided to open its economy to everyone. They have successfully vaccinated their citizens, and therefore they have decided to open their country to all.

  1. They have lifted the travel restrictions on all countries.
  2. They have even decided to allow cruise ships and skilled workers to immigrate.
  3. They have decided to open first to Australians, followed by the U.S, Britain, and other countries.

Laos removes the restriction after two years.

Laos has opened its travel places after a gap of two years. It has put restrictions on the foreign nationals visiting their country, but since the number of cases and fatalities have gone down, it has decided to open its tourism sector to travelers.

  1. A vaccination certificate and covid test are mandatory in Laos for foreigners.
  2. Those travelers who are 12 years or above have to show their negative Covid-19 report to the officials.
  3. Entertainment venues are also open now but will be regulated according to the covid-19 norms.
  4. Myanmar to issue tourist visas for visitors
  5. Myanmar has announced that it will issue tourist visas for visitors from Thursday.
  6. They have also announced to issue “eVisas”. It will be provided online.
  7. Jamaica, the Czech Republic, and Israel have all lifted the restrictions
  8. Now it is not mandatory to carry your negative covid test in Israel
  9. They have also lifted the travel restriction on travelers to the United States.
  10. Jamaica and the Czech Republic have also eased the travel restriction on all countries. Travelers of any country can now visit Jamaica and the Czech Republic.

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, lifting Covid-19 restrictions can still increase the risk of exposure to the virus. But since the covid is dampening slowly and therefore countries are opening their tourism sector. Europe, Asian countries, and the United States have slowly lifted the travel restriction. It seems like a sigh of relief for the globetrotters.

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