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Under the United Express umbrella, United and its partners travel to more than 560 cities across the world, giving it an unrivalled global presence. United has a number of airports throughout the United States, the biggest of which is Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Under the United name, the company operates over 750 aircraft, with another 550 serving as United Express carriers. United is also a founding member of the Star Alliance, which has 29 member airlines serving over 200 countries. The carrier's U.S. and international route map can be found here.

We get many questions regarding the airlines.  Is United Airlines good to fly? What facilities does one get when flying with united airlines? Many of those questions will be answered in this blog. Keep reading so don't miss out on any facilities which are provided by united airlines.

Polaris Lounges

The Polaris Lounges on United are without a doubt the best foreign business class lounges on any US airline. The lounges are breathtaking, with meticulous attention to detail. A la carte dining, personalized espresso drinks, and other amenities are available in the lounges.

The only drawback is that you can only use these lounges if you are flying Star Alliance first or business class — no status level can get you into these lounges.

Polaris services and bedding

  • Although United is in the process of replacing all of its Polaris seats, the fact is that they still have a long way to go. Their longest flights are currently all run by planes with old business class seats that aren't competitive.
  • Fortunately, United's latest Polaris soft product is available on all long-haul flights, and the bedding and facilities are excellent. In business class, United has the finest bedding of any airline, and on certain long-haul flights, they also have pyjamas.

Cabins in business class are larger.

  • Although American and Delta are putting smaller business class cabins on their long-haul flights, United is going the other way, which is fantastic news for award tickets and upgrades.
  • They have 60 Polaris seats on their 777-300s, 50 Polaris seats on their reconfigured 777-200s, and 30-46 Polaris seats on their reconfigured 767-300s, for example.

Network of routes and ultra-long-haul flights

  • Of course, depending on where they live and how they want to fly, everyone would have different opinions on which airline has the best route network.
  • However, we believe United has the most extensive global route network. Not only that, but we admire their willingness to take ultra-long-haul flights, which American and Delta are hesitant to do.
  • So United has an incredible route network that connects San Francisco with Singapore, Houston with Sydney, Newark with Delhi, Washington with Tel Aviv, and Newark with Cape Town (coming later this year).

App & website for United

  • United has a fantastic app. It's in the same league as Delta's and much superior to American's. It's useful for everything from receiving push updates to checking the status of upgrades to making changes.
  • In reality, when it comes to the ability to service reservations online, United's IT in general is very strong.
  • In contrast to American and Delta, United provides a detailed description of why your flight is delayed.

On award tickets, stopovers are allowed.

MileagePlus is the only one of the "big three" US airline programmes that offers free stopovers. Stopovers on award tickets were once offered by both American and Delta, but they are no longer accessible. On the other hand, on a roundtrip international award ticket with United, you are allowed one stopover.

Since United's latest dynamic award pricing is no longer published, determining whether you're having a free stopover would be more difficult.

MileagePlus miles are simple to accumulate.

United and Chase Ultimate Rewards are transfer partners, so United miles are easy to come by thanks to instant transfers.

Since American AAdvantage does not partner with any transferable points currency, this is an advantage. Meanwhile, Delta SkyMiles has a partnership with Amex Membership Rewards, though moving points does incur a federal excise tax.

Travel shifts on the same day

  • United has one of the best same-day flight change policies of any airline, which can come in handy if your plans change at the last minute or if you're just looking for the cheapest fare with the intention of changing later.
  • Premier Gold members and above can make the switch for free (Premier Silver members and non-elites must pay $75), and you can even change your connecting city.
  • You can also adjust flights within 24 hours to fly on a different day of the week.

Stars Allianc

Star Alliance is the world's largest airline alliance, and while we prefer oneworld Emerald status over any Star Alliance status, Star Alliance is the world's largest airline alliance. Being able to gain and redeem miles on the world's biggest partnership is a major plus for United.


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