How many Baggage are allowed in Philippine Airlines?

Baggage is one of the most important things that travelers should consider if they would like to board a flight reserved with any airline. Every airline has its own set of instructions when it comes to traveling with luggage. This is known as the baggage allowance and can be different for different airlines in the aviation business.

Let us consider Philippines airlines baggage requirements and policies to help passengers understand what they can take on their flight as far as their luggage is concerned. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into PAL baggage policy.

Travelers having a PAL flight booking must make sure that they are able to understand the clauses of the Philippines airlines baggage allowance policy released to accommodate passengers’ bags and luggage. Here are some of the crucial points that one must follow as far as PAL baggage policy is concerned.

Carry on Allowance on PAL.

Travelers are able to bring with them 1 carry-on bag along with a personal item to board the flight on Philippines airlines . People can communicate with the support executives at the airline to get help in understanding the Baggage policies and clauses.

Maximum dimension allowed: 45 inches or 115 cm. 

Maximum weight allowed: 15 lb or 7 kg.

Along with the carry-on luggage, people are also able to carry with them one personal item on board and it may be any of the following items mentioned on the list of personal items released by PAL.

  1. A small handbag. 
  2. Pocketbook or purse 
  3. An overcoat, wrap, or blanket. 
  4. A small camera or binoculars
  5. Laptop with case
  6. A reasonable amount of reading material 
  7. Duty-free bag 
  8. Infant’s food for consumption in flight

Pair of crutches/braces, walking sticks, or any other prosthetic device for the passengers’ use. The passenger should be dependent on that in order to take it with them on the flight.

People are able to carry a maximum of two items from the above-mentioned list.

Note: passengers are not permitted to take with them multiple items that are strapped, wrapped, or tied together as this won’t be counted as one or single piece of cabin item.

Passengers must also make sure that they are able to fit all their carry-on baggage in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of them. Also, travelers must be able to carry their luggage (carry-on) into the overhead storage without assistance.

Gentle Reminder: bulkhead seats do not offer under-seat storage to passengers during take-off and landing. 

Checked baggage allowance for Philippines airlines (PAL).

To/ from Hawaii: piece system. 

Mabuhay (Business class): 

Baggage allowance: 2 pieces. 

Maximum dimension allowed for each piece: 62 in or 158 cm. 

Maximum weight allowed for each piece: 70 lb or 32 kg. 

Fiesta (Economy class): 

Baggage allowance: 2 pieces.

The maximum dimension allowed for each piece: is 107 in or 273 cm total and no piece should exceed the following dimensions: 62 in or 158 cm. 

Maximum weight allowed for each piece: 70 lb or 32 kg. 

To/ from the USA (except Hawaii), Canada, and Guam: piece system. 

Mabuhay (business class): 

Baggage allowance: 2 pieces. 

Maximum dimension allowed for each piece: 62 in or 158 cm. 

Maximum weight allowed for each piece: 50 lb or 23 kg. 

Fiesta (Economy class):

Baggage allowance: 

Maximum dimension allowed for each piece: 107 in or 273 cm in total, no piece exceeding the following dimensions: 62 in or 158 cm. 

Maximum weight allowed for each piece: 50 lb or 23 kg.

Note: an infant is allowed to travel in with one piece of checked baggage with the following weight and dimension requirements if paying at least 10% of the adult fare:

  1. 15 lb or 7 kg weight. 
  2. Three dimensions should not exceed 45 inches in total. 
  3. One fully collapsible child’s stroller or pushchair.

To/from other countries, other than the USA and Canada: weight system.

Mabuhay or Business class: 66 lb or 30 kg. 

Fiesta (Economy class): 44 lb or 20 kg.

Note: maximum weight allowed on domestic flights on bombardier Q300 or Q400 is 22 lb or 10 kg.

PAL EconoLite class (No Frills) passengers.

Free baggage allowance in this case is 33 lb or 15 kg. 

This is applicable on all PAL domestic flights along with selected Asian destinations.

PAL Excess baggage fee:

Flights from the Philippines to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco: USD 150 to 200. 

From Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco to the Philippines: USD 150. 

From the Philippines to Honolulu: USD 125 to 165. 

From Honolulu to the Philippines: USD 125. 

From the Philippines to Vancouver, Canada, and vice versa: USD 150 to 200.


Q1- What is the 2pc baggage allowance on Philippine Airlines?

Travelers having Philippines airlines ticket reservations may bring two or more pieces on their flight on one condition that the total baggage weight must not exceed their flight baggage allowance as per the baggage allowance policy released by PAL. Also, passengers must make sure that each piece (bag) must not exceed the allowed weight of 32kgs or 70 lbs. PAL will not accept baggage if it does not follow the prescribed baggage allowance released by the airline. Passengers must go through the baggage allowance section available on the official website.

Q2-How much is the free baggage allowance on pal?

PAL airlines offer free baggage allowance to consumers and they are able to take with their luggage that must not exceed 33lb or 15 kg. This free baggage allowance is applicable on all PAL domestic flights and selected Asian destinations. Also, the checked-in baggage must not exceed 32 kg or 70 lbs on all PAL flights.

Q3- How many bags are allowed on Philippine Airlines?

Passengers can take with them one piece of carry-on baggage that must not exceed the following weight restrictions: 7 kg or 15 lbs. Also, the baggage must easily fit in the overhead bin or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin. Also, a personal item is allowed on PAL flights.


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