How to Cancel Saudi Airlines Flight Ticket?

Saudi airlines is one of the top airlines in Saudi Arabia, known for its seamless and outstanding services. The airlines give top priority to their passengers and their satisfaction. The airline ensures you don't face any trouble, providing flexible and smooth services.

However, it's pretty simple if your plan changes and results in cancelling the flights. You can cancel the flight by visiting the official site of Saudi airlines and talking to its representative. Besides, if you have no idea How to cancel Saudi Airlines flight? We got everything covered for you.

Follow the procedure below to cancel your Saudi Airline flight ticket.

  1. Head to the official site of Saudi Arabia from the desired web browser.
  2. Then scroll down slowly to access the form to cancel your Saudia flight.
  3. Hit the 'Manage Bookings' link, and you will see a drop-down menu on the screen.
  4. You can manage the booking by entering the booking reference number or using the eTicket details.
  5. Click on the button 'Retrieve My Booking' after providing every detail on the screen.
  6. Now you will find the dashboard for your booking flights.
  7. Locate the Saudi Airlines Cancel Reservation option to cancel the flight ticket.
  8. Then if you see the declaration page, attach the document to support your request.
  9. Go to the payment section to pay for the cancellation charges; if applies.
  10. Complete the further formalities by following on-screen instructions.
  11. After the cancellation is complete, you will get an email from the airline to confirm the cancellation.

Ensure to follow all the steps above to avoid any further consequences. Besides that, you can also extract the contact details of Saudi Airlines online by visiting the support page. You can call the airline directly to get further assistance. Furthermore, you can also request the Saudi Airlines customer support team to cancel the flight ticket on your behalf.

The above rules and process applied to the ticket booked via the Official site, contact center, or airport. For the third-party booking of tickets booked via a travel agency, you need to contact the agent directly.

Overview on Saudi Airlines cancellation Policy

You must go through the cancellation terms and conditions when cancelling your Saudi airline flight ticket. It helps you to process the cancellation smoothly and avoid any penalty. So let's check out the highlights of the Saudi cancellation policy for your reference.

  1. As per the 24-hour policy of Saudi airlines, if you book your flight seven days before and request the cancellation within 24 hours, the airline allows free cancellation. In addition to that, you also get a full refund for your original payment mode. The 24-hour policy applies to all the fare types. 
  2. If you fail to complete the cancellation within the risk-free period, you might be required to pay cancellation charges based on the fare rules.
  3. You are allowed to claim a refund before the ticket expires. The airline will not entertain your refund in case the validity expires.
  4. When your ticket is eligible for a refund, the airline takes 7-10 working days from the date of issuance to process it to the original mode of payment. It might vary depending on your bank and mode of payment.
  5. In case you need to cancel a flight due to some unavoidable situation, you can also talk to the Airone directly and request them to provide a full refund.

Per the policy above, ensure you don't miss the 24-hour free cancellation period. However, if you fail, you can stick and do it by paying some additional charges. Besides, you can always talk to Saudi Airlines to clarify cancellation issues.

Overview on Saudi Airlines Cancellation Policy Covid

The Saudi airline brought some modifications to the policy due to Covid 19 dealing with the cancelled flight. The aim is to provide the necessary flexibility to its passengers and maintain a high standard of quality and services. Here you can check out the highlights below for a better idea.

  1. As per the general authority of civil aviation(GACA), the airline must handle the passengers' situation in case the flight gets cancelled due to Covid.
  2. As per the Saudi airline cancellation policy Covid, if you choose to terminate the contract, they will be entitled to a full refund of their total ticket value.
  3. If Saudi airlines issue a foreign exchange voucher, you can reuse it or access it as per choice without paying any extra charge or fee. 
  4. If you agreed to reschedule the trip on Saudi, you wouldn't have to pay any extra amount to the airline in case of the same itinerary. If you change the itinerary, you will have to pay the fare difference only, no other charges.
  5. As per the airline's cancellation policy, if you need to cancel the ticket due to Covid after 24 hours, the airline might issue a voucher with a year's eligibility. You can use the voucher to book your new flight ticket.

How much does it cost to cancel Saudi Airline Flight?

The Saudi airline allows you to cancel the flight ticket for free if you book the ticket seven days before departure and cancel it within 24 hours. However, if you fail to do this, you must pay the cancellation charges. The cancellation fee varies on several factors like fare rules, cancelation time, etc.

  1. If you are cancelling Saudi flight tickets after a 24-hour window, you need to pay the cancellation fee of around $ 100 to $ 500, depending on your situation
  2. You need to pay the cancellation charges of around 10 % of the ticket value if you book the flight and cancel it seven days before the scheduled departure.
  3. You need to pay the cancellation fee of around 50 % of the ticket value if you book the flight and cancel it within the period of 7 days to 48 hours before the departure.
  4. The cancellation fee kept increasing as close as you cancelled the flight to departure.

Unless you book the flight directly via Saudi airline's official sources, you can easily cancel the flight without any hassle. How to cancel Saudi Airlines flight? You can cancel the flight online and also by talking to the representative. To cancel the flight free of cost, complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours of booking; else, you need to pay the cancellation charges. The cancellation fee varies on several conditions. Furthermore, you can speak to the Saudi representative directly for any assistance or further information.



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