Travel Industry Gear Up to Face The Impacts of Russia Ukraine Strife

Travel industry braces for impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict

Travelers were finding it hard to face the restrictions caused due to the pandemic and now Russia-Ukraine conflicts! Due to the ongoing raging conditions between both countries, the travel industry must undergo stringent guidelines. In response to Russia's invasion, many major countries block the flight routes between the East-West coast.

The most obvious impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict can be seen on the oil prices and the sky-rocketing airfares. However, the United States of America has not taken any similar strict actions yet; keep reading here to find all-inclusive details about the impact of the war on the travel industry.

Transitions That Travel Industry Might Go Through Due To Russia-Ukraine Conflicts

The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine costs too many adjustments to their citizens and other countries. Mostly, the travel industry suffers the most due to the hike in cancellation requests, and abrupt restrictions have left travelers with no options. Check out the transitions caused by the conflict and what others have to say about it:

  1. Airlines face numerous flight cancellations, and expensive reroutes that are causing a dent in the travel industry.
  2. In an interview with renowned Yahoo Finance Live on the matter, the founder and chief of Scott’s Cheap Flights, Scott Keyes, said that the passengers might have to face overbooking.
  3. Keyes added, “If you are flying to Asia, most of those flights transit Russia. It’s the quickest way.” “For instance, a nonstop flight from New York City to New Delhi, let's say, in India goes directly over Russia. Those types of flights will likely have to reroute, have a technical stop in somewhere like Istanbul or Dubai en route, and that's going to mean a longer flight, more connections, more pilot hours, and likely, a higher price for those flights.”
  4. Moreover, travelers might face exaggerated airfare due to the increase in the oil prices caused by the impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict. The travel industry used to spend mostly on jet fuel apart from paying the labor, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reckons a higher fuel price makes it outrageous.
  5. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said, “There are a lot of flights that U.S. airlines fly over Russia to go to Asia and other parts of the world and we factor in a range of factors” when asked about the U.S.’ take on the airspace blockage on Russia.
  6. Additionally, the ban on Russian planes can impact several carriers, including United Airlines. American Airlines will exempt all the Russian airspace while operating its international flights.

Spark Due to the Cargo Traffic

Cargo traffic is also being affected due to the airspace shutdowns followed by the cancellation of flights. Russian airspace covers major cargo airlines, which is becoming a subject of frown due to the invasion. As a response to the impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict, two of the world's largest logistics companies, United Parcel Service and FedEx Corp (US-based), joined the Lufthansa Cargo (German-based) to halt deliveries to Russia.

“If we enter a new Cold War or something along those lines where there is significantly diminished trade between Russia and the West, that is going to have a major impact on aviation supply chains,” Keyes added on the subject.

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