What are the benefits of American Airlines Group Travel Plans?

Consider Travelling with Your Squad with American Airlines Hassle-Free!

If you are planning for a trip and want to make it memorable then take along all your loved ones and make a group. Or if you have to travel for business purposes with the professionals then also it is considered to be a large group. And this group of people can travel altogether with the American Airlines group travel option. The airline has made such measures that can accommodate a group of people who are more than 10 in number. The benefits of traveling with a group can be discussed below.

Perks of Group Travel with American Airlines!

  1. American airlines offer customized bookings for passengers who travel under group booking options.

  2. All the passengers are provided with the same fare charges and there is no difference irrespective of the seat they choose to travel.

  3. Passengers under American Airlines group travel options are provided with the flexibility to enter 10 or more names up to 10 days before they travel.

  4. And the same is the case when paying for the journey. The fare charges can be clubbed or can be paid individually.

And there are many other advantages of choosing to travel in a group with American Airlines. Further, to know how to get the flight booked under American Airlines Group travel, you can follow the steps below.

Learn How to Book Your Flight for A Group with American Airlines!

  1. First, visit the booking API of American airlines from any preferred web browser and tap on “Book Flight for a Group” from the top.

  2. A new page with a Group request form gets displayed in front of you. And you can enter the details required to fill the form along with your personal information and tap “Next”.

  3. Now a request will be sent to American Airlines where it will be reviewed. The airline will be sending a quote as a response along with a list of flights to choose from.

  4. Select the flight and enter other information.

Further, for any information related to American Airlines group booking, you can contact its customer service.

Most Asked Questions

How do American Airlines groups work?

American Airlines has restructured its boarding process now. The airline decided to assign a number to each group rather than pre-boarding several different groups. The airline has nine groups when numbering the American Airlines group travel and 11 groups including pre-boarding(requested) and concierge keys.

  1. Pre-boarding is the first group to board the flight. You can request the pre-boarding if you have passengers who need special assistance or have children under two years old.
  2. After the pre-boarding, the concierge key elite AAdvantage members have their group and board before anyone else.'
  3. After the above two groups, other passengers can board the flight according to their assigned group numbers.

How do you get Group 5 on American Airlines?

Group 5 is also known as preferred boarding, and If you fly the main cabin extra, you can board the flight with group 5.

To get Group 5, you should have an eligible AAdvantage credit card like the Aviator Red or Citi Platinum select. You can also check the other credit card details from the website that make you eligible to get Group 5. Among American airlines group travel, Group 5 is preferred because you don't face issues with overhead storage as you get plenty of space.

Do American Airlines do group rates?

American Airlines offer special group packages for meeting the corporate needs of their clientele. People can reserve group bookings with American Airlines at special rates when booking for 10 or more travelers to the same destination.

Group bookings at American Airlines offer the following:

  1. Special and discounted fares and amenities as far as Group bookings are concerned.
  2. Group bookings are applicable to a group of 10 or more people.
  3. Premium cabin travel is also offered as a part of Group bookings at American Airlines.

Travelers can opt for group travel with the airline by reaching out to the customer service team at American Airlines. Dial the toll-free number to get help with Group reservations.

Passengers can also reach out to American Airlines account managers or may visit the official website to check the terms and conditions applicable on Group bookings with the airline. Visit www.aa.com/groups for bookings and queries.

Is it cheaper to book group flights?

Group bookings offer immense benefits to travelers as they can get hefty discounts on tickets in the case of American Airlines group bookings. The prices are much lower compared to individual travel with the airline. Group travel is easy to book and you totally qualify for it if you are a group of 10 or more people. Passengers can save some extra dollars on flight fares via Group bookings with AA.

Group bookings are a great money saver for taking American Airlines flights. You can fly and enjoy amenities at discounted rates while reserving flights with American Airlines.

Connect with a customer service agent now via the customer service options to get quotes for arranging group travel with the airline. Professionals are readily available to offer help and assistance with AA flight bookings.

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