What are the most romantic places for Couples?

Almost 8 billion people on earth, meaning 8 billion types of personalities, looks, desires, hopes and dreams, careers, and expectations, but only one thing that everyone wants, 'Love.' When you look at that someone and know that they complete you, they care about you, you look for ways to spend more time with them. Just the two of you and the whole world, a blur in the background.

You could be on the lookout for the best romantic places for couples worldwide for your anniversary, honeymoon, or perhaps just a break from the buzz of this life. You can look through these options and have your pick of an ethereal getaway.

List of Top and Romantic places for Couples

  1. Paris, France
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Santorini, Greece
  4. The Berkshires, New England, USA
  5. The Maldives
  6. Mahé
  7. Maui, Hawaii, USA
  8. Amalfi Coast, Italy
  9. Bali
  10. Aspen, Colorado, USA
  11. Santiago, Chile
  12. Kyoto, japan
  13. Marrakech, Morocco
  14. Prague, Czech Republic
  15. Zanzibar
  16. Krabi, Thailand

Paris, France

It's not just the language that's romantic; Paris in itself looks out of this world. Be it the architecture, the food, culture, music, art, the streets, and the scent. The streets are adorned with cobblestones, flora embracing every nook and cranny of this romantic capital; there is a reason why lovers are drawn to this picture-perfect city. In addition to the Eiffel tower, do pay a visit to The Medici Fountain, Place des Vosges, The Louvre Pyramid, Behind the Clock in the Musée d'Orsay, The Versailles Orangerie, And The Wall of Love.

Venice, Italy

Have the most mamma mia time of your life in this city wearing the water element as jewelry. Do you know that in many cultures, water is associated with emotions, with love being the strongest one ever? A good reason why Venice steals a spot on the best romantic places for couples list. Perhaps a short visit to Saint Mark's Square, Terrazza Danieli, Burano Island, or a simple boat ride through the labyrinth of canals will connect you with your lover at a deeper level. You won't know if you don't try!

Santorini, Greece

Maybe it's the shimmer of the turquoise sea, or maybe it's the blue domes shielding the purity of this city painted in white that lures you in. If the mysterious Akrotiri, Imerovigli(Balcony to the Sea), black sand of Perissa, and a cute chase around the Pyrgos are not enough, maybe the divine invitation of the night sky can add more romance to your experience. Santorini has enough charisma to make it among the best places for couples in Greece.

The Berkshires, New England, USA

While every season has its perks and lovers, Autumn steals the show for most couples. It's not just the variety of hues decorating the streets; it's the feeling of rest and realizing that time for slowing down and cuddling up in the warmth is fast approaching. With the most serene lakes and colorful trees, this place will give you a much-needed escape from reality's clutches. If you want to enjoy some privacy deep in nature, then shortlist this place as soon as Autumn pays the mountains of Western Massachusetts a visit.

The Maldives

Exotic destinations have their own charm. When couples feel adventurous and playful, the beach will be the perfect designation to unwind. Among the best places for couples to retreat to, beaches hold a special place in their hearts. The Maldives is exactly how it appears. A collection of circular islands( no, not every island is circular), this place can take your breath away in seconds. The best service available would be overwater bungalows with transparent flooring. You can see the sea glowing your roo at night.


For the brave of heart joined in union, how about doing something truly adrenaline rushing? This Seychellois island is the largest in its group and will offer you a Tarzan vibe. You can go snorkeling, a trek with your partner in adventure, or climb over daunting volcanic sites. There is a reason why this marks it as one of the best places for couples to connect with their primitive and territorial instincts and learn about trust and support.

The world is full of mysterious beauty, some rich in culture while others famous for their legend. There is something on this planet to cater to every need, and our earth is certainly rich in romantic getaways. If you are confused and can not pick up a destination, how about a multiple-stop trip? You can always ask travel agencies about their deals and offers and the pros and cons of the travel during your choice of time.

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