What are Top Five Christmas Traditions?

Christmas is the annual festival celebrated every year on 25 December, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is one of the widely popular festivals celebrated all over the world. There are many traditions associated with Christmas. People decorate their homes, prepare special dishes, meet and greet each other and present gifts to their loved ones. But there are some Christmas traditions that are unavoidable and widely observed among the people.

The main 5 Christmas traditions are:

Singing of Christmas carols: This is one of the oldest traditions of Christmas. People gather in groups and sing folk songs at the beginning of the celebrations. Children enjoy this tradition a lot and wait for the Christmas season to arrive to unite with their friends and sing melodious Christmas carols.

Decorating a Christmas tree: Another important tradition to be performed at the time of Christmas is decorating a Christmas tree. Initially, for several years, Fir trees were used to celebrate the winter season as a tradition. But, after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, brought a Fir tree from Germany and decorated it in Windsor Castle, it gained popularity and became a tradition. Today most people decorate and place their Christmas trees at their homes and also at their workplaces at the time of Christmas.

Visiting church: Christmas is not only celebrated by Christians but also a huge non-Christian population celebrates this festival worldwide. They begin this day by visiting the church, or they pay a visit on Christmas eve to offer prayers. Devotees also light candles to honor the lord Jesus. After visiting the church, people meet their loved ones and present gifts to each other. Also, they celebrate this beautiful occasion by having dinner together.

Decorating buildings and their homes: On the occasion of Christmas, people use different themes to decorate their spaces. One of the most common color themes during the Christmas period is Red, Golden, and green. These three colors hold meaning, and hence they are used while celebrating this beautiful festival. Red indicates the color of Jesus' blood that fell on the cross when he died; it is also the color of holy berries. Green indicates prosperity and that it can't be dark forever. And Gold is known to be the co, or gift presented to baby Jesus. It is also known to be the color of the Sun.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus: Children eagerly wait for Christmas to receive gifts from their beloved Santa Claus. They write a letter to him and wait for their gifts. Some children search for gifts under the pillow on Christmas morning. 

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