What does open ticket mean Turkish Airlines?

Everything that you need to know about Turkish Airlines open tickets

Turkish Airlines is an airline that offers flexible travel options that help travelers easily modify their bookings and manage their reservations before the scheduled departure. And to ensure that travelers plan their trip with ease, Turkish Airlines has introduced open tickets service that one can opt for their reservations.

Besides, for travelers finding details on  What does open ticket mean Turkish Airlines? Then, one can go through the details and plan out their trip with the airline in time. If required, the traveler can even seek assistance from the airline representative to gather information.

About Turkish Airlines open tickets

As per the guidelines of Turkish Airlines, when a traveler is not willing to travel with the airline and needs to cancel their booking, they can modify the status of their booking as Open. Using this simple service, the traveler can retain their right to book flight tickets on another flight without incurring any additional cost.

However, before converting the Turkish Airlines booking to Open, the traveler needs to abide by certain guidelines that one can check after reading this article further.

Guidelines to change Turkish Airline ticket to open ticket

For travelers who are willing to change their Turkish Airlines ticket to open, it is required they abide by Turkish Airlines open ticket policy that include the following guidelines:

  1. To modify the Turkish Airline booking to Open ticket, it is a must that the travelers cancel their ticket before the flight's departure. 
  2. And to change the booking to Open ticket, it is required that the cancellation be performed via the Turkish Airlines sales office, call center, or travel agencies through which the ticket is purchased.
  3. Further, the Turkish Airlines open ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Thus, these are the few guidelines of the open ticket policy of Turkish Airlines that one needs to abide by before modifying their flight ticket. Still, if the traveler has queries regarding the open ticket policy, then one can reach out to the airline customer service for assistance.

Contacting Turkish Airlines for assistance

Besides, the travelers who still have queries regarding Turkish Airlines open ticket policy and need assistance can reach out to the airline representative by dialing the toll-free number of the customer service. If required, the traveler can visit the airline website and seek the needed information.
So, now as the travelers are aware of the open ticket service of Turkish Airlines, they can use the information shared and manage their booking accordingly. 


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