What does PQP mean United?

Everything you need to know about PQP on United!

Premium Qualifying Points or PQP on United is the earning points you receive for every dollar you spend with United Airlines. The airline has introduced these points so that every traveler receives something in return no matter how much they travel. However, there are many terms and conditions related to earning these points at United Airlines.

So, you have landed on the right page if you need to know what does PQP mean United? Here, you can find necessary details related to Premium Qualifying Points, how you can earn them and why you should look forward to earning them!

Things to keep in mind about United PQP 

United Airlines has a unique way of rewarding its loyal travelers, and one of the most revolutionary ideas is the introduction of PQP. However, the taxes and other value-added fees that you pay are counted towards the exact spend. The upgrades you receive through these points are only applicable to United Airlines and its official partners.

Benefits of United PQP

Take a look at the briefly discussed points that can compel you towards the benefits of Premium Qualifying Points and why you need to have them-

  1. United Airlines has taken a unique approach that makes sure that every member of United Airlines must benefit from the program.
  2. Whether you have traveled hundreds of miles per week or only a thousand miles per year, the PQP program is to benefit you all!
  3. You earn one point for every reservation you make on United Airlines and the number of flights you have taken to cover the distance.
  4. United Airlines brings regular updates to the program to make sure that most travelers benefit from it. If you are a MileagePlus member, you can earn a bonus PQP if your travel is scheduled from January 1, 2021, through the end of March 2021.
  5. provide PQP to its premier members from the starting of 2021 so that you can jump-start your travel from January 2022United Airlines strives to .

These are some of the benefits you can avail of from the PQP introduced by United Airlines. Do not wait any further and grab a United ticket and travel anywhere around the world to redeem PQP and earn status.

How to earn United PQP?

If you want to earn the PQP at United Airlines, then you would have to make the following purchases-

  1. Base Fare and Surcharge 
  2. Subscribe or purchase an Economy Plus Seating
  3. Purchase a seat of your choice
  4. Co-payment of MileagePlus Upgrades 
  5. Make a paid upgrade on United or United Express
  6. Purchase a flight ticket by United’s Star Alliance partners.

So, now you can proceed further by redeeming your points, but you would have to qualify for some basic criteria if you wish to gain the Premier Qualifying Point. 

How to qualify for status using PQP?

Are you wondering what does PQP mean United? Well, with PQP you can unlock several statuses at United Airlines and enjoy several perks related to it. To qualify for a status using your hard-earned PQP after traveling with United Airlines- 

If you want a Premium Silver status, you must have around 3,500 PQP; for Premier Gold, you need to collect 7,000 PQP, whereas 10,000 and 15,000 PQP is required to get the Premium Platinum and Premium 1K status, respectively.


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