What happens if I do not choose a seat on Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines is known for providing excellent services. While booking the flight ticket, Iberia allows its passengers to choose the seat as per their needs. If the passenger did not select the seat while Iberia booking, then the airline will allot the seat by itself. You cal also book you desired seat on airport. You can make the seat selection by using the multiple methods provided by Iberia Airlines.

How do I select my seat on Iberia Airlines?

For Iberia Seat selection, you can use the online process. It is one of the swift and prominent mediums, and you need to obey the steps as per described below:

  1. Open the official website of Iberia Airlines.
  2. On the Iberia homepage, you will get the Your Flights tab.
  3. Under that tab, click on the Manage your Booking option.
  4. Type the passenger's surname and Booking code in the given sections and press the search link.
  5. You will get the information regarding all the flights on the following link.
  6. Select the flight on which you want to select the seat. 
  7. Click on the Advance Seat Selection option.
  8. Now type out all the details in the given form and attach the required documents with the form.
  9. Iberia Airlines will send you the confirmation message for the seat selection on your mobile phone or email.

If you are looking for another mode to choose a seat on Iberia Airlines, you can use the information below.

Use the calling process to select the Iberia seat:

You can use the phone call medium to choose your seat on Iberia Airlines. You need to give a call at 1 (800) 772-4642, and after dialing the number, your call will be forwarded to the computer's automated voice. It will assist you regarding the IVR options, and depending on your preferences, you need to choose the option, and then the call will be routed to the customer service representative.

  1. What are the seat selection policies at Iberia Airlines?
  2. Iberia Airlines make it simple for the passengers to select their seat, but there are some policies under which you can choose your seat are listed below:
  3. You can select the seat by using both online and offline procedures.
  4. The passenger needs to select the seat at Iberia within 24 hours of the booking.
  5. If they do not, the airline will assign you the seat by itself.
  6. The seat selection depends on your traveling details, destinations, ticket type, and availability of the seat.
  7. If you are traveling with a passenger who needs accessibility assistance, then you did not select the seat near the emergency exit and in the front row.

You can use the ways mentioned above to select a seat at Iberia Airlines. You can contact the customer service representative regarding your concern, and they will aid you and provide you with a solution.

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