How do I change Cathay Pacific Flight Date?

Change your flight date easily and at a minimum cost for Cathay Pacific

Plans can be changed anytime as there is no specific time of arriving at any emergency or important work. The changes in plans always affect more when you travel via air to your preferred destination. In such conditions, whether you will cancel your flight or change your flight date which is possible to do if you have booked your flight on Cathay Pacific airlines. Cathay Pacific allows the passengers to change flight dates that always depends on the type of fare or destination for that you fly to. But there are some rules and restrictions set by Cathay Pacific for changing a flight date including the fee.

Change Cathay Pacific Flight Date Online

  1. Sign in “Manage my Booking” on the website to change flight date..
  2. Fill up the field required with your name and reference booking number or e-ticket number.
  3. You can Sign in with membership name or enter the pin or password if you are the member
  4. Now choose your booking and click on cancel. Cancellation process start.
  5. Depending on what type of change you want fee may be different, the change fee depends on the ticket you originally bought.
  6. With this process get full information for Cathay Pacific Change Flight Date Fee

Change Cathay Pacific flight date through Phone

  1. Call the representatives of Airlines for the details regarding change flight options.
  2. Know about the booking schedule and time from the representative.
  3. Provide your booking reference number.
  4. If they asked, you can pay for the change fee. You can also pay by using a credit card.

Some important points for Cathay Pacific Change Flight Date Fee

Do want to change your flight date for the booking that you have made with Cathay Pacific? Then you can very easily change your flight date within 24 hours from the scheduled departure. But there is a flight change fee which is important to know and pay in order to change your flight. You must be required to know about Cathay Pacific Change Flight Date Fee in order to change a flight and if you don’t know, then follow the below instructions:

  1. You will require paying a flight date change fee of around $150 which is applicable for the Promotional fares, economy save fares, economy standard fares and business save fares.
  2. For the economy standard fares, a fee of around $50 is applicable to change a flight date.
  3. All the changes can be made online through manage booking option.

As per the above-given Cathay Pacific Change Flight Date Fee, you can make a request for flight date change on Cathay Pacific airlines very easily. In case you have still any kind of query regarding the flight date change fee, contact the customer service team of Cathay Pacific.

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