What is Denver airport known for

Why is Denver Airport famous?

Denver Airport is the international airport of the Western United States and is known as the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic. When considered by the area size, DIA stands at the top in North America. The airport has so many intriguing features, facilities, and architectural reforms, making Denver Airport a topic of discussion.

Like others, if you are also wondering what is Denver Airport known for, then continue reading the article as you can find many interesting facts about the airport. Also, the customer service is 24*7 accessible to provide prompt guidance to passengers in need.

Unknown facts about Denver International Airport

DIA is known to always stay in the headlines, be it for bad but everyone who steps foot at the airport affirms that DIA is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Below given are some interesting facts that make DIA a famous airport-

DIA’s Merits

  1. Located amidst the northeastern part of Denver, DIA has secured its position as the third airport, which has the highest number of runways when considered throughout the USA.
  2. Also popular as North America’s best regional airport, Denver International Airport is worth visiting once in a lifetime. 
  3. The airport provides services to millions of passengers every year.

The Blue Mustang Sculpture

  1. Luis Jimenez, an American artist, has sculpted the Blue Mustang, which is now positioned at the entrance of DIA.
  2. The Blue Mustang Sculpture is the first thing your eyes will see as soon as you enter the airport.  
  3. The Blue Mustang is a famous sculpture as it was the last piece of artistic work by Luis as the sculpture itself fell on him and pinned him to death in 2006.

The Bird’s Eye View 

  1. The most controversial thing to note about DIA is its bird’s eye view pictures.
  2. When the airport is looked at from an aerial view, one can get a distinct shape which makes it look like a dark sign which has significance from the world’s history.
  3. The sign is a shape formed by the runways at the airport, which makes it look like a swastika, which can be a stretch to the controversy.

The Artistic Touch 

  1. From the moment you enter the airport until you leave it, you can witness the peculiar art collection.
  2. The airport has classified its art exhibitions into three parts- the current exhibits, the past exhibits, and the permanent exhibits.
  3. You can see the artistic touch everywhere at the airport- from small display rooms, walls to the ceilings, everything at Denver International Airport is filled with art.

Fascinating Sculpture

  1. At the east and west baggage claim areas of Denver Airport, one can find the weirdest sculptures of gargoyles.
  2. They are known as the Notre Denver, known as the significances of protectors positioned to protect travelers. 
  3. These sculptures tend to grow in you as you will never be able to forget their presence with a beautiful presence.

Shop at DIA

  1. Do not worry; even if your flight gets delayed and you need to kill some time, you can indulge in shopping at the airport.
  2. Denver International Airport provides a myriad of restaurants, shops, customer’ pleasure, and convenience options to select from.
  3. A traveler can get everything from electronic shops, souvenir shops, bookstores to jewelry shops to spend some time instead of getting bored at the airport.

These are some of the interesting facts that are responsible for making DIA a famous airport. The Denver Airport phone number is always accessible, and a crew member is always present to hear your queries out. You can get immediate assistance using the number no matter what problem you are facing and when you are facing it!



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