What is difference between blue and blue plus on JetBlue?

Blue Vs Blue Plus on JetBlue

What is the difference between Blue and Blue Plus on JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines is one of the best low-budget airlines in America. If you plan to book your tickets with JetBlue, you get different options to pay for the ticket. JetBlue offers Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Flex fares. Some of the passengers don't know the difference between the Blue and Blue Plus fare of JetBlue.

To answer the question of what is the difference between Blue and Blue Plus on JetBlue, we have created here. You will get to know even the basic difference in the fares. But before that, let's check out what these fares mean.

What is Blue Plus fare on JetBlue?

The Blue Plus fare is more or less similar to the Blue fare of JetBlue but has some significant differences. You can take advantage of taking extra checked-in baggage along with your carry-on luggage. Moreover, you get extra points for JetBlue's Blue fares. 

Have a look at Blue and Blue Plus fare in detail:

The blue fare on JetBlue

  1. If you book a ticket using Blue fare, you can take one carry-on luggage for free.
  2. You get 3 Base TrueBlue points while booking the tickets using the official website.
  3. You can take one checked-in bag after paying approx. $15 per bag.
  4. You can have the advantage of choosing the seat in Advance.
  5. Moreover, you don't have to pay any change or cancellation fee if you have booked your ticket using Blue fare.
  6. You need to pay $75 for the Same day switches.

Blue Plus fare on JetBlue

  1. If you have booked your flight using Blue Plus fare, you can take one free checked-in baggage along with the carry-on luggage.
  2. You will get 4 True Blue basic points while booking the ticket, one point extra from Blue fares.
  3. You don't have to pay any cancellation and change fee for the flight.
  4. However, if some change or cancellation fee is applicable on your ticket, you get a $10 discount than Blue fares.
  5. You also get other facilities like advance seat selection, inflight services, etc., if you book the flight ticket with Blue Plus fares.

So there are some differences between Blue and blue plus, in Blue fare you will get 3 Base TrueBlue points and in plus account you will get 4 Base TrueBlue points. Blue account will included one free check baggage policy while in blue plus you can carry more than one.

These are some basic differences between Blue and Blue Plus fare on JetBlue. If you want to know more about what is the difference between Blue and Blue Plus on JetBlue, you can contact the airline's customer support. You can also use their help in booking the JetBlue flight ticket using the above fares.


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