How do I change Icelandair Flight Ticket Date?

How can you change flight in Icelandair?

Icelandair is a reputed airline of Iceland, a country that is famous for its cold weather. Thus if you are a lover of winter season, this country could be your next holiday destination this vacation. To book a flight, you can simply go to the website and book flights.

Changing flights in Icelandair

Sometimes the already booked plans change because of any new added schedule or emergency. If that is the case with you too, then you can also change your flight reservations. Icelandair also gives this accessibility to its passengers to change their reservations. To change flight in Icelandair, refer to below given Icelandair change flight policy.

Steps to change flight in Icelandair

  1. To change flight, tap on the official website of Icelandair
  2. On the main page now look for manage bookings option
  3. Under the same heading click on change or modify flights
  4. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your booking details of booking number and your first and last name
  5. As your flight details load, look if there is any flight change option

If yes then click on it and scroll through available options of flight change. Pick one and make the necessary changes. Once done, you can pay the extra amount and confirm new booking.

And you are done with the steps of Icelandair change flight policy. Suppose if you have to make the changes in the date and name of the passenger, you can even do that. Follow the below steps for it.

Name and date changing steps of Icelandair:

  1. To change the name and date in any flight of Icelandair, you can follow the same steps by navigating to the official website
  2. Once done, tap on manage bookings and click on modify flights
  3. As your booking details load, select the name change and date change option under change flight link. Note that you can only correct the wrong typed name and not change to some other name.
  4. Also for changing names, you have to pay some fine.

Follow the onscreen steps and confirm the new changes and you will be done. And you are done with date and name changing steps of Icelandair change flight policy.

Policies of flight changing in Icelandair

  1. To change flight in Icelandair, there is no fee for domestic flights
  2. But if you are making changes in international flights then you have to pay some fee.
  3. For all the changes up to 24 hours of booking, you don’t have to pay any fine.

And that’s how you can make any of the changes in your current reservations with the help of Icelandair change flight policy. For more information, contact reservation helpline.

Some Similar Queries

Can I change my Icelandair flight? 

Yes, you can change your flight by using the online method. It is the simplest way to change the flight. To change Icelandair flight online should visit change flight link.

How much does it cost to change the Icelandair flight?

The cost of the changing Iceland flight will differ on your travel ticket. If you create the reservation through the official website, you must pay 35 USD to the airline. When you want more information about the flight charges, you can speak with the airline representative and get the information

Can I change the Icelandair flight by speaking with the representative?

Yes, you can change your Icelandair flight by talking with the representative. To communicate with the airline representative, you must dial this number-. (00) 1-800-223-5500. Pay attention to the voice process. Dial the number command according to the topic. Get in touch with the representative and ask them for the flight change. Provide the reason for the change, and they will change your flight immediately and provide you with the confirmation at your email id and contact number.


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