60% Of Indian Nationals Exited Ukraine: Operation Ganga In Effect

What is Operation Ganga?

The Ministry of External Affairs has recently issued Operation Ganga to rescue Indian Nationals stuck in Ukraine. With the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, all of the citizens, including the Indian nationals, are suffering the most. But, the Indian Embassy has come forward to rescue its citizens, especially students who are stuck there.

If you wonder what is Operation Ganga and how effective it can be, it is crucial to bring into your knowledge that the center has already evacuated 60% of its nationals. More than 2,000 Indian civilians are brought back to India through Ukraine’s neighboring countries.

More Information On The Operation Ganga

  1. The MEA claims that Operation Ganga can be very efficient. It has already managed to help around 6,000 Indian nationals cross the Ukrainian border and are settled presently in neighboring countries like Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova.
  2. Center tells the Kerala High Court on Wednesday that under Operation Ganga, Indian Air Force flights and commercial aircraft are trying their best to evacuate as many civilians as possible who crossed Ukraine and now are in the neighboring countries.
  3. The government’s Assistant Solicitor General Manu S says, "As and when the situation improves, the students in Kharkiv will be evacuated on priority in a suitable manner. Our Mission in Kyiv is in touch with most of the students and has been trying to make available provisions where possible. The Mission has also requested the Ukrainian authorities to ensure their safety and security."
  4. Find out what the Center has to say on the matter: "These Indian nationals are being taken care of by the Government of India, at its cost, till they reach India under 'Operation Ganga.' An estimated 7,000 to 8,000 Indian nationals remain in Ukraine, mainly in the east of the country, for which the government is making efforts to bring them back as soon as possible."
  5. Further, the center claims, "It is submitted that our embassies in the neighboring countries of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland are receiving the Indian evacuees, providing food, water and shelter to the extent possible, and making arrangements for Indian rescue flights to take our nationals home." 
  6. The statement was released foreseeing the plea escalated by the Kerala High Court Advocates Association and its two members. The daughter of these two members is trapped in Ukraine, and they need a safe escape for other Malayali students stranded there.
  7. The petitioners claim that even if the Indian Embassy helps the students cross the border, the students have to face “mass discrimination and torture by the Ukrainian Army and the border patrol.”
  8. Advocate Santosh Mathew, the petitioners’ representative, told the court about the students' difficulties in the war-trodden cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv as they are not letting the civilians to get through the borders.

The efficiency of knowing what is Operation Ganga and its crucial role in rescuing the students who are stranded amidst the chaotic avenges of two countries. The Indian Embassy is trying its level best to extend its helping hand and coordinate with the trapped civilians, including innocent students.

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