What is the difference between Nasal Swab and Saliva test COVID-19?

What is Nasal Swab Test and Saliva Test for COVID-19

The main difference between the Nasal Swab and the Saliva test is that in the Nasal Swab test, a special swab an inserted in your nose to get a sample. However, in the Saliva test, a piece of saliva is taken. However, according to the experts, the PCR test is considered the most accurate one. So, if you have a doubt, “What are the differences between the nasal swab and saliva tests for COVID-19?” Then you only need to follow the information which is given below.

What is the Nasal Swab test of Covid?

This test goes through some steps, which are given below. After that, you’ll be easily able to differentiate it from the other tests.

  1. Before the test begins, you must make sure that you have carried your documents. Especially the photo id with yourself. So, that you can submit it before the test starts. 
  2. Once the documentation is over, then the expert uses a kit. A special kind of swab will be used to insert inside your nose. 
  3. The swab will be inserted a bit deep inside, which can get slightly irritating for the individual. However, it would be essential to get the proper sample.

That is it. Soon, you’ll get the sample if you have opted for the quick sample. However, it is always recommended to wait one day for the result.

What is the saliva test for covid?

The saliva test for Covid is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward tests you can come across. You only need to submit your saliva in a container. After that, based on the sample you have shared. You’ll be informed about the result. Saliva tests are polymerase chain reaction tests. These are considered very accurate.

Hopefully, your query regarding the Covid-19 tests is straightforward. You can select any of the tests according to your convenience. Stay in and stay safe. 


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