What is The Pet Policy of American Airlines Flight?

Get complete information on the pet policy of American Airlines

Do you wish to plan your next trip with your pet on American Airlines but are unaware of the guidelines? Then, you can check out the details discussed in this article, manage their pet reservations, and plan a hassle-free trip. If needed, the traveler can contact the customer service of the airline.

Guidelines of traveling with a pet by American Airlines

For travelers willing to travel with their pets, American Airlines does offer an option. However, before confirming the pet reservations, it is needed that travelers have complete details on American Airlines pet policy to avoid issues at the time of travel.

  1. As per the airline guidelines, depending on the animal breed and size, the pets may travel as carry-on or transport via cargo.
  2. American airlines accept checked pets only at the ticket counter for the U.S State Foreign Service personnel or active-duty U.S military. 
  3. Trained service dogs can fly in cabin without paying any fee if they meet the travel requirements.

Further, to help travelers get a clear picture regarding the kennel guidelines and fees, one can check out the details shared below.

Carry-on pets

  1. As per the pet policy, travelers can bring one kennel as a carry-on bag if they pay for the pet fee and the pet stays in the kennel under the seat during the flight. 
  2. Only cats and dogs are permitted as carry-on pets that meet the age, size, and destination requirements. 
  3. The traveler is suggested to contact the airline directly to get details on Kennel dimensions and weight requirements. 
  4. If the pet is large to travel in-cabin, then the pet must travel via cargo.

Checked pets

The American Airlines pet policy only permits pets for active-duty members and foreign service officials traveling on orders. Further, two pets are permitted when they meet the minimum age and health requirements of the destination. And as the capacity is limited, checked pets are accepted on a first-come basis.

  1. Before checking the pet, the traveler needs to contact customer service 48 hours before departure. 
  2. The pet's health certificate must be issued within ten days of the traveler and sixty days of the return.
  3. The kennel requirements for checked pets are specific. So, travelers are suggested to contact the airline customer service to get exact information.

However, if the traveler flies with two of their pets in the same kennel, then they must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Should of same species
  2. Similar size with weight less than 9.07 Kgs each
  3. Age should be between 8 weeks to 6 months

Besides, if the traveler has queries regarding American Airlines pet policy, can reach out to the airline's customer service and get all the required information.

American Airlines pet travel fee

  1. The fees for the cargo pets vary with the destination. 
  2. For checked pets traveling between and within Canada, United States, Mexico, South and Central America, and the Caribbean can charge up to $200 per kennel. 
  3. And for pets traveling as a carry-on pet, a fee of $125 per kennel is charged. 
  4. There is no charge for the service animals traveling by American Airlines.

Provisions for service animals traveling by American Airlines

  1. The fully-trained service animals can travel in the cabin without paying any fee if they meet the requirements.
  2. Animals with age under four months are not permitted to travel as service animals. 
  3. An individual is permitted two service animals. 
  4. And to travel with a service animal on flights operated by American Airlines, the traveler needs to submit the U.S Department of Transportation form that attests to the animal's health at least two days before the departure. 
  5. After the documents are approved, the traveler will get notified. 
  6. And for pets traveling on flights over 8 hours, the traveler must submit a Service Animal Relief Attestation Sanitation Form.
  7. The disease control center has imposed a temporary suspension of dogs and service dog travel as per the recent update on flights traveling to the U.S.

Thus, these are the complete guidelines of American Airlines pet policy that would help travelers quickly book and manage their pet reservations. If the traveler needs more information, they can contact the airline customer service by dialing the toll-free number and seeking all required information.

So, now as the traveler are aware of the pet policy, they can easily plan out their pet travel with the airline and enjoy a hassle-free trip with their furry friend. 

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