What is the reservation number for a Flight?

Where do you find the details you need about your flight using your booking number, booking code, or flight number?

You can receive emails and other documents with the information and information you need for your flight if you book a flight via an online travel site, a travel agent, or directly through an airline. This information contains a variety of details that help to more accurately assess the flight and confirm your reservation. We'll show you how to find what you need easily during your trip and decipher the abbreviations and numbers that make up the booking code and flight number.

What is a Flight Confirmation Code, and what does it mean?

Every airline ticket contains an identification code, though the code's name can differ. An "airline record locator," a "reservation number," a "booking code," or a "flight confirmation code" are all terms that have been used to describe it. Whatever name is given to it, the code is a six-character alphanumeric sequence that identifies a particular reservation.

Both are used in combination with a PNR, which is an acronym for "Passenger Name Record." Since a record locator and a PNR both contain personal information about the traveler, they can be used to link a specific individual to a specific reservation. Although a PNR and a flight confirmation code are not the same thing, they are often confused.

Flight confirmation codes and PNRs are used by passengers and airline staff to handle existing reservations and check into flights.

How does it work?

The booking number is used to allocate travel details to a passenger and to streamline many flight-related procedures. With the booking number, you can check and change your flight details, such as important dates, booking details, and passenger and luggage information. The identification of the traveler is simplified as a result, and the time needed for check-in is reduced. Both travelers who booked the trip together will have a single booking number.

Although you might have booked your entire flight itinerary in one transaction, you might have multiple record locators and PNRs for the same trip if your itinerary involves more than one airline. For example, if you fly United Airlines for the first segment and Lufthansa for the second, the PNRs for each segment would be different.

It's possible that the airline through which you booked your flight will show both their PNR and the PNR of the partner airline, but this is uncommon. It's possible that you'll need to call both airlines to double-check that you have all of the required confirmation codes.

What is the best way to verify the status of my ticket? What is the location of my flight confirmation number?

How to locate your reservation number?

You will obtain a booking confirmation with a six-digit combination of letters and numbers: your personal booking number, shortly after making your reservation. This is normally shown on the website during the course of an online booking, on the “thank you” or “confirmation page” at the end of the booking. what is the reservation number for a flight? The same six-digit combination can be found on the electronic ticket as well as the flight invoice (passenger receipt). This booking number (also known as the booking code) appears on any booking confirmation so that a flight booking can be clearly assigned to a passenger. This guide can be used to look up booking information and make adjustments, such as adding extra luggage to a reservation. The travel agent, online booking portal, or airline will normally send you this code via email. This six-character string, which includes letters and numbers, is also known as a reservation number or file key. The letters are often capitalized and in block letters.

ABC1234 is an example of a booking code.

You can verify your reservation on the airline's website using your confirmation code at any time after booking. It's a good idea to jot down the number somewhere, whether on your phone or on a piece of paper in your pocket, so you have it handy before you return from your ride.

Check-in and rebookings include a booking code.

Since the booking code is always valid for the entire booking and therefore connects multiple passengers, it is required for both online check-in and subsequent adjustments. The use of a single code simplifies the management of passenger personal and travel data for both passengers and airlines, making subsequent changes to a booking much simpler.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled

Legal proof of the booking confirmation is sufficient, the booking number and flight number are typically required at this stage. In the case of a flight delay or cancellation.


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