What is United Airlines Pet Policy

What is the pet policy at United Airlines?

United Airlines is a major airline of America and allows small cats and dogs to transport in its cabin within domestic destinations. If you also want to take your four-legged friends with you on United Airlines, you must take out time and read here . Here, you can get several pet policies presented by United Airlines and restrictions added to them. Also, do not hesitate anymore if you need to understand the what is United Airlines pet policy and contact the customer service line of United Airlines.

Terms and conditions related to pet transportation on United Airlines

  1. There are so many terms and conditions associated with the transportation of pets on United Airlines flights. All the travelers must act according to the pre-decided pet policies as mentioned below-
  2. As per pet policy, the age restriction for kittens and puppies when traveling on a United domestic flight is at least two months. But, if you are traveling on a United international flight, the age restriction exceeds at least four months old.
  3. United Airlines does not allow the transportation of pets with an unaccompanied minor.
  4. Also, you need to purchase an individual ticket of about $125 each way for your pet on United Airlines.
  5. As per the PetSafe program launched by United Airlines, if a pet does not feel comfortable or fit in a kennel, the airline transports them.
  6. A traveler cannot make their pet’s reservation in a flight other than the one they are traveling with. 
  7. In case of any emergency, the airline is not responsible for providing oxygen services for pets.

In-Cabin Restrictions

  1. As per the United Airlines pet policy, if you wish to travel with your pets, you must carry them in a hard/soft-sided kennel.
  2. The kennel must be highly comfortable and adequately ventilated to accommodate pets in them worry-free.
  3. A traveler must take the responsibility of taking care that they are inside the kennel throughout the journey, and the kennel is kept below their respective reserved seat.
  4. The standard dimension set by the airline states the hard-sided kennel must not exceed the measurement of 17.5 long x 12 wide x 7.5 high (inches).
  5. For the soft-sided kennel, the standard size measurement is 18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high. But the exception is- the soft-sided kennels measurement can be exceeded by a little as these kennels are collapsible.
  6. United Airlines allows only one pet per kennel and keeps forth the condition that animals can move freely inside the kennel.

Route Restrictions

There are some route restrictions as well, so consider checking if United Airlines allows you to transport your four-legged buddies to your preferred destinations. 

United Airlines does not allow you to carry pets if you are flying to, from, or through any of the mentioned countries- Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Cuba, India, Panama, South Africa, Tahiti, Trinidad, and Tobago.

Applicable charges

  1. If you do not know how much does it cost to fly a dog on United? Well, United Airlines charges around $125 to transport your dog using any of its flights. 
  2. A traveler can pay the applicable charges while checking in at the airport counter with their pets.
  3. There is an additional charge of the same amount ($125) for the layovers, which can be four or more hours in the United States.

Required Documents

United Airlines requires a list of documents to transport pets on its flights:

  1. A traveler must bring a filled, signed, and properly dated acknowledgment form presented by the airline at the time of booking.
  2. An authentic document of the pet’s health certificates must be issued and signed by any licensed veterinarian. 
  3. The health examination must be conducted within the ten days counted from the scheduled departure of the booked flight. The time frame varies depending on the destination you are choosing.
  4. A digital photo of your pet/s is required to make the airline understand clearer about its breeds.
  5. A photo of a pet's travel crate or kennel is required to ensure that you are following PetSafe’s crate requirements. 

A traveler must agree and comply with all the United Airlines pet policy to avoid any inconveniences in the future. Consider calling the United Airlines customer service team to get efficient assistance with pet transportation. Book a ticket for your pet with yourself and help them lead a comfortable journey with United Airlines.


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