What to do if you test positive against COVID before your flight home?

What happens if I test positive for COVID before my flight home

No one wants to see a positive COVID test report after knowing the adversity of the virus. Imagine you have booked a ticket to visit your home, and you test positive for the virus! Isn’t it a scary thought? Many travelers are getting ready with their backpacks, but the thoughts of getting a positive test report are still horrifying them.

If you are also one of the travelers who are worried about the thought of what should i do  if I test positive for COVID before my arriving flight then you can get a detailed advisory on what to do if you test positive for your flight and get acquainted with some of the popular COVID policies many airlines adopt.

Things to proceed with if you test COVID positive before your flight

Many airlines understand how entangled the scenarios can be in the present day of the pandemic. Below discussed is a list of things that you should do if you are COVID positive and your scheduled departure is near-

  1. If your test positive before your flight home then contact the booked airline and make them understand your situation politely; many airlines provide a full refund if you cancel the reservation due to COVID.
  2. Quarantine yourself and try to reschedule your itinerary if possible, or you can proceed further by canceling the itinerary.
  3. If you got the COVID report at the last moment or a week before the flight’s scheduled departure, contact the airline to proceed with the flight cancellation, and in some cases, you can receive a full refund or travel credits.
  4. There are chances that you might have to face unexpected quarantines if the airline finds out you tested positive for the virus; it is advised that you make decisions by calculating all the possibilities constructively.

As a traveler, these are some of the main things you should be concerned about and act upon. Also, the answer to What to do if you test positive against COVID before your flight home? sometimes depends on the safety protocols and advisory released by your preferred airline.

COVID safety protocols of airlines

Below is a list of safety protocols introduced by popular airlines to benefit the travelers in the time of their needs-

  1. Many airlines have launched the membership program under which a COVID-positive traveler can find medical help immediately if they have even one symptom indicating the virus.
  2. If you want to reach your home fast, you can try contacting the airline and booking a medical charter to help you transport to the destination.
  3. As per the CDC’s protocols, you must present a negative report while boarding and deboarding from the flight.
  4. If you are flying from 100 miles away to your home, airlines do not allow you to use the commercial aircraft and shift you to a hospital or air ambulance to provide immediate medical attention.

Now that you have efficient advice about what happens if I test positive for COVID before my flight home, you can make decisions accordingly. However, it would be more convenient to contact the airline’s customer care to get professional assistance in such a demanding situation.

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