Where does Southwest Airlines fly for $49?

Know where does Southwest Airlines fly for $49

Do you wish to book low-cost flight tickets for your next trip? Then, it is suggested that one should confirm their reservations with Southwest Airlines as they are known for offering their travelers low-cost flight tickets. Moreover, to offer travelers affordable deals, the airline has even launched a sale where one can book reservations for as low as $49.

Besides, for the travelers who are looking for the details on where does Southwest Airlines fly for $49, they can go through the details mentioned here and manage their trip accordingly without any worries.

Know which flights you can confirm for $49 with Southwest Airlines

For those who are planning to confirm reservations for $49, then you would be glad to know that Southwest Airlines has introduced a massive sale during which one can grab flights for a lower airfare. However, the travel cost will be dependent on the travel route and other factors.

Flights available for $49 with Southwest

  • Baltimore-Providence
  • Phoenix-Las Vegas
  • Nashville-Atlanta
  • Chicago-Detroit
  • Las Vegas-San Diego

Other points to remember:

  • During this sale, the traveler can book flights for a fare ranging from $49 to $129 depending on the travel route. 
  • Also, the sale is active on Tuesday and Thursday. So, one is suggested to enable the alerts for the same. 
  • Moreover, the traveler can make use of the low-fare calendar feature to keep a track of the best available fares during the particular sale. 
  • Further, the travelers are suggested to keep the blackout dates in time at the time of confirming the reservations with Southwest Airlines.

Contacting Southwest Airlines for $49 Deals

Besides, if the travelers have more queries on where does Southwest Airlines fly for $49?, they can feel free to reach out to the reservation department of the airline over a phone call, email, or using any of the contact options to find the best available deals for their booking.




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