Which is a better flight option JetBlue or Spirit

Jetblue Vs Spirit

If you are thinking of taking a break from the hectic lifestyle and spending your vacation somewhere away from the rush, book a flight ticket now. The best way of spending a low-key vacation is by cutting down the travel expenses so that you can spend more after reaching the destination. Two such low-cost carriers are JetBlue and Spirit Airlines, both of them representing America. However, if you are confused about which is better JetBlue or Spirit, this article can guide you efficiently by differentiating both the airlines based on popular factors.

A close comparison between JetBlue and Spirit

To better decide which flight option is the best one, you must evaluate both the flights based on their features and amenities. Give a good glance at the below-mentioned points to decide better-

Pricing and extra fees 

  1. Spirit Airlines is known to tackle all the extra fees, including the baggage selection and fees selection fees at the time of check-in. 
  2. Whereas JetBlue charges fees based on the class of ticket chosen by the passenger.

Baggage Fees

  1. Spirit Airlines charges extra for the baggage, and it might become a way of making the travel expenses go higher than estimated.
  2. However, when you book a JetBlue flight and select Blue Plus or Mint fare options, the airline includes the baggage charges in the airfare.

Upgrade Fees

  1. If you wish to know which is better JetBlue or Spirit, then seat upgrades can be the best factor. Spirit Airlines is considered a better option if you are likely to get an upgrade. You need to pay around $30 to upgrade the cabin and take the privilege of a cushier and extra comfortable seating assignment.
  2. Whereas JetBlue charges around $70 for an upgrade, the passenger would have to pay an extra $10 per head to check-in for their flight.

Deals and Packages

  1. Spirit Airlines provides a Deals tab where you can log in and get a hand over exciting deals and offers to make your journey even affordable. Also, you can benefit from the $9 Fare Club by registering into it and paying annual fees of about $69 to renew the subscription.
  2. JetBlue is not behind in the competition, which is why it provides the Best Fare Finder feature to help travelers get a hold of exciting deals. Using this feature, you can get a calendar to choose a flight option that suits your requirements the best.


  1. While traveling, the only thing that matters is getting a comfortable seat to rest until you reach your preferred destination. If you are considering booking a short-haul flight, then the seating assignment at Spirit Airlines can suit your requirement of a comfortable journey.
  2. JetBlue makes sure that the passengers do not get bored during their journey; they have installed a TV screen on every seat.

Crew Members

  1. The crew members of Spirit Airlines are very polite and work round the clock to provide an immediate response to travelers. Spirit Airlines' customer service justifies the amount you pay while booking a flight.
  2. The best thing about JetBlue is its level of in-flight maintenance; the crew members at JetBlue try their best to maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the flight. Also, the staff members are very polite and are always ready to provide a helping hand to travelers in need.

Fleet Size

  1. The fleet size makes a bigger difference in the availability of seats, and Spirit’s fleet size is very significant. The airline has around 157 aircraft operating under its banner and providing excellent services in many scenic destinations.
  2. On the other hand, JetBlue provides its services through around 267 aircraft making it one of the most available flights of America.


  1. Spirit Airlines is one of the safest airlines in America, and it has recorded zero cases of crashes till today.
  2. JetBlue got a 7 out of 7 rating in terms of safety; the airline is still trying to provide an even safer milieu.

So, now you have all the measures to determine the results for JetBlue Vs Spirit. If you want to enjoy amazing in-flight services, then you should go for JetBlue but keep in mind Spirit also provides over-the-top services to make your journey unforgettable!


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