Which is the most visited places in Singapore?

If you are wondering about going to singapore and you think where you should go first, then it is always a good choice to know most visited place in singapore. If you are aware of that, you can plan a singapore tour. Now talking about the place which tourists visit most in singapore, whether you like to visit places or are fond of tasting a variety of foods, you will enjoy it a lot after you reach this place. If you are going to this place, you must know about the must-visit Chinatown places where tourists visit. Some of the most popular streets are pagoda street and sago lane, each of which is famous for its offerings and architecture.

Must experience things in singapore Chinatown

Eating street food 

If you are a food lover, you have to taste street foods in Chinatown; Hawker centers are best for enjoying local dishes. 

Drama box enjoys a theatre show.

If you enjoy watching drama and theatre, you must go to the drama box in Chinatown. Now talking about the most running plays then, you have Chinatown crossings which will give you a peak at the streets of this place. It is open from morning 10 am to evening 6 pm, and you can plan as per the timings of this place.

Chinatown street markets 

The busy streets were hundreds of stalls selling everything ranging from silk robes to lucky cats. There are many made in china goods there. 

Hong Lim park

It is a small park which is also known as Dunman green, it is a heritage park which is an interesting place and is the only place where people are allowed to protest publicly. This is a place which you must travel to during weekends if you want to witness various debates or simply to relax at the park.

Chinatown heritage 

China heritage centre is one of the excellent museums that this country has. Suppose you want to learn about old Chinatown and the life of its migrants present in singapore. You can go to this place every week from 9 am to 8 pm.

So you got to know about the most visited place in singapore as you must have planning your trip to this country. After going through all the information provided here, when you go to Chinatown you can go to those places which are tourists attractions and some of the things you should try to taste the local culture of singapore along with some of the Chinese foods


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