How do I reach JFK Airport Customer Service?

John F Kennedy Airport of United States Of America

JFK airport is in New york city in the United States Of America. JFK is one of the busiest and largest airports of the world. JFK is a hub for all major international and domestic airlines. You can fly on direct flights or connecting flights to any corner of the world from JFK airport. It's like a dream airport for travelers who get the opportunity to travel from or into JFK airport. The luxury, the premium facilities, and the great privileges the passengers experience in this Airport are unmatched. There is never a dull moment at this Airport, and it's always bustling with flyers coming in or going out from across the globe. The New York City where this airport is located is known as a fashion and business capital, so millions of people coming to New York or other states fly in at JFK airport from different parts of the world.To sum up, landing at JFK airport is an exclusive experience in itself. 

Address of JFK airport:

 If you wish to reach JFK airport, the address is Queens, NY 11430, USA. You can use the code JFK to search and get information on flights, terminals, shops, services, etc., at JFK airport.

The airlines fly out from JFK airport:

  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada Express
  • Air Canada Eagle
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Jet Blue Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airline
  • Spirit Airline
  • United Express

Other than these airlines operating from JFK airport, there are many domestic and international airlines flying passengers to and from JFK airport to different destinations.

The destinations from JFK Airport:

  • Munich
  • Denver
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Beckley Muscle shoals
  • Chicago
  • Washington 
  • Fort Lauderdale

Apart from the destinations mentioned above, several domestic and international airline passengers travel to all corners of the world from JFK airport. You can get more information about JFK airport and its destinations from the official website of the Airport.

Customer services provided by JFK Airport

Leading American airlines like Delta Airlines and others operate their flight in and out of JFK daily. If you are traveling to or from JFK, you can contact JFK airport customer service 24/7 for all kinds of assistance at the Airport through numerous ways. The services which are available for passengers are:

  • You will get to the shop, restaurants, and other entertainment services
  • Free wifi connection
  • Free Airport map
  • Free pick up and drop off facility from parkings for the passengers to their respective terminals
  • Airport taxi, bus, and shuttle services for passenger pick-up and drop
  • Huge parking area, including VIP areas
  • Free luxurious waiting area for passengers
  • Hotels for passengers in transit
  • Several call booths and free charging stations 
  • Many clean and hygienic washrooms 
  • Safe play area for children
  • Special attention and facilities for senior citizen
  • Special assistance for a specially-abled person
  • Medical emergency assistance

Modes of contact for JFK:

Contact JFK Airport via call Phone:

If you want to speak to a live person at JFK airport then call (855) 787-2227. Now you will connect with customer service helpline and discuss your issue with JFK live agents. You can also send email at

Follow the below-given method to instantly connect with JFK airport customer service.

  • Call JFK phone number (855) 787-2227 to contact customer service.
  • Press 1- to confirm the language
  • Press 2-to know about security checks,
  • Press 3- to know about terminals, pick up and drop off 
  • Press4-to know about special assistance services
  • Press #-to speak to a person at JFK airport

Contact JFK Airport via feedback Form:

The official website of JFK airport provides a feedback form for the passengers to fill out and submit with different queries and issues. It is a good option to send in your opinions of appreciation and suggestions to JFK airport customer service. To reach the feedback back form, try the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of JFK airport
  • Click on 'accessibility services at the airport.'
  • Select the feedback form option
  • Enter your details
  • Enter your suggestions and messages
  • Click on the send button
  • Get the required information from the JFK customer service

Contact JFK Airport via Email:

if you want any special assistance services from the customer service of JFK airport, you can drop an email to To get a response to an email, it may take a while, but upon receiving your mail, the customer service of JFK airport will revert with relevant information about your email.

Contact JFK Airport via Social Media Options:

you can connect with JFK airport customer service through social media platforms. Suppose you want to send in some quick messages for inquiry or need to know about special assistance services provided by the customer service of JFK airport, you can use the following pages of social media:

  • Facebook/JFK airport.Official/
  • Twitter/JFK airport.Official/
  • Linked In/JFK airport.Official/
  • Youtube/JFK airport.Official/
  • Instagram/JFK airport.Official/


Q- Which city is JFK Airport in?

JFK Airport is located in New York City in the United States Of America.

Q-Is JFK a huge airport?

Spread across 8 square miles, JFK airport sees nearly 60 million passengers every year flying in and out of the Airport. JFK has 8 terminals, and all leading airlines of the USA, including American and Delta Airlines, and from other countries operate their flights from JFK airport.JFK is among the busiest and largest airports not only in the USA but also in the world.

Q-Can I sleep in the Airport JFK?

Yes, you can sleep in at JFK airport. If you are a transit passenger and need to stay at the Airport for several hours, you can get some rest on the comfortable seats installed all over JFK airport. You don't need to pay any charges for that. But if you want to avoid the noise and the hustle and bustle around and are willing to pay a extra charges for comfort, you can use sleeping pods available at terminal 5 or book a room in the TWA hotel, which is inside the Airport.


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