How do I talk to someone at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is among the airports that are used by civilians to travel to any destination and also for military purposes. If you are traveling to any destination and you are expected to board your flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, then you can communicate with customer care services to gather information prior to your traveling. Also, if you have any concerns with the airport, then you can approach them. There are numerous ways to contact customer care services; the elaborated information is curated in the subsequent sections here. You must go through the information and select your preferred mode to talk to someone at the airport. 

Important contact information to get in touch with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport official website:

Airport code: PHX

Customer care phone number: 602-273-3300

Parking phone number: 602-273-4545

Lost and found contact number: 602-273-3333

TSA contact number: 866 289-9673

Airport email address:

Different communication mediums to contact Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

  • Communicate over the phone:

Those travelers who want to get in touch with Airport customer service must dial the official Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport phone number: 602-273-3300. On call being attended by an automated voice, callers must obey the instructions and select one number from the following IVR menu:

Press 1: To track flight terminal

Press 2: For luggage-related issues

Press 3: For parking-related concerns

Press 5: For lounge services

Press 7: For special assistance

Press *: For all other concerns

After tapping on the preferred number from the above menu, calls will be connected to the corresponding representatives. Callers can get rid of their concerns by talking with them.

  • Send a text message to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

Now customers even have the facility to send a text message to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport customer care services. This alternative can be utilized by customers who want to get information or assistance quickly. Customers must save the contact number: 602-622-4132 in the phone book of their device, followed by opening a message application on their phone. They must compose a text message and send it to the mentioned number.

  • Submit an online request to share your concern or to raise a question: 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport also enables customers to fill out online forms and make travel requests. If you wish to use this medium of communication to reach customer services, then you are supposed to go through the following online steps sequentially:

  1. Go to the official Phoenix Harbor Airport website.

  2. Scroll the home screen and select the option of “contact us.”

  3. Click on the request form link.

  4. Fill in all the mandatory details.

  5. Briefly describe your issue in the space provided. 

  6. Press the submit button after attaching supporting documents. 

  • Drop letter to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

If you wish to contact Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport formally, then you can write and send a letter to the official postal address of the airport. You must draft a clear and concise letter and post it to the following address:

2485 E. Buckeye Road

Phoenix, AZ 85034

  • Get connected with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on social media: 

If any passenger has recently traveled via Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and wants to share his traveling experience at the airport, then he can reach them by using the platform of social media. For this, they are expected to write their concern and post them on the following platforms:



They can even send messages on the above-mentioned platforms, and they must not forget to tag the official airport account to grab the attention of the corresponding representative.  

What issues are resolved by Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport customer services? 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport customer care services resolve issues faced by travelers. If you are traveling via this airport and you come across any of the below-mentioned concerns, then you must reach the customer care services to get information or relevant assistance:

  • For flight booking or reservation issues.

  • For parking-related concerns.

  • For lost or delayed luggage-related concerns.

  • If you have an issue regarding parking.

  • For flight cancellation or refund-related issues.

  • If they have any medical assistance-related concern 

  • If you have any concerns regarding VISA or immigration. 

What are the services offered at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

If you are about to board a flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in upcoming future, then you can enjoy the following services at the airport:

  • You can dine and relax at various restaurants and cafes.

  • You can use the airport lounge.

  • They can reach information counters to gather required details about flight departure.

  • If required, you can use a special assistance facility.

  • You can use trolleys to carry your luggage.

  • To exchange your currency, you can go to the currency exchange counters.

  • You can use free WIFI-services.

  • You can use a car or taxi rental service from the airport. 

  • You can use ATM services and banks. 

  • Customers can use retail services at the airport. 


What is the Phoenix airport hotline?

There are many customers who search Phoenix airport hotline numbers to eliminate their concerns or to make general inquiries. If you are also one of those customers, then you can reach them by dialing 602-273-3300. To get in contact with the corresponding live representative, you are expected to follow the guided instructions sequentially. Finally, you can gather the required information as the call is linked to a live representative. 

Is Phoenix Sky Harbor 24 hours?

Yes, Phoenix International Airport operates 24/7. It is essential that travelers take care of the security and check-in counters operating time before reaching the airport. Security counters of the airport start functioning 90 minutes prior to the first flight departure. 

Which airlines use terminal 3 at PHX?

Phoenix International Airport has terminals 3 and 4, which are used by a number of airlines. If you are searching which airlines use Terminal 3 at the airport, then the following airlines operate from Terminal 3 at PHX:

  • Air Canada Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines

  • Allegiant

  • Breeze Airways

  • Contour Airlines

  • Delta airlines

  • Frontier airlines

  • JetBlue

  • Hawaiian Airlines

  • Southern Airways Express.

  • Spirit Airlines

  • Sun Country Airlines

  • United Airlines



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