How do I make American Airlines Reservations?

All about American Airlines:

American Airlines is one of the satisfactory airlines based in Texas, United States, in all aspects like flights and services. It’s the largest airline based on its fleet size, capacity to carry passengers and revenue generating. A person who wants to visit a city and needs to reserve a seat on an American Airlines flight must consider collecting all the reservation details. The airline provides flight reservations for different classes, and seats can be reserved through different methods. Below, the necessary info concerning a reservation is stated.

Different Methods to Reserve a Seat at American Airlines

Nowadays, making a reservation on a plane has become easy and convenient as there are a range of methods to reserve a flight ticket. At American Airlines, you can reserve a seat with the given methods: 

1. Online Reservation 

Making a reservation online is the most favorable method, as you can explore the available flight tickets on your own and can filter the search results as per your need. The online reservation can be made through the website by using these steps:

  • Land on the American Airlines homepage,
  • Enter the arrival and departure destination, required boarding date, and number of passengers flying on the “Find Flights” tab,
  • Then hit the Search button in availing the flight result,
  • On the search result page, you can view the flight tickets and fare as per the reservation classes.
  • View the details and choose the suitable flight as per your need and budget,
  • Choose the Fare class, and on the left side, the total fare will be calculated,
  • Now tap on the Continue button to carry forward the reservation procedure,
  • Fill in the passenger details column and then add the additional services if you need them,
  • Now you will land on the payment page,
  • By choosing the suitable payment option, pay the reservation amount,

With this, your American Airlines seat reservation will be completed, and the e-ticket will be shared with you.

2. Offline Reservation

A seat reservation can also be requested offline from an official person at American Airlines. You can get assistance from the official to book your flight by placing a call to the reservation department. Adhere to these given steps for calling the concerned department and get a reserved seat on the suited flight:

  • Place the call on the reservation number of American Airlines: 1 (800) 433-7300,
  • Additionally, press the # key to immediately direct the call to an official by skipping the IVR Menu.
  • The call will be on hold till an official avail in the call,
  • Now you need to share your reservation requirement clearly,
  • The official will search for the available flights at American Airlines,
  • You can specify your budget or the fare class and can ask for any travel discounts that are available,
  • After that, the official will share with you the best options for the flights,
  • You can choose which flight is suited for you and give the confirmation to make the booking,
  • The official will require the passenger info like full name, DOB, and identity card number,
  • After that, make the payment for the reservation by online mode,
  • After receiving the payment, the official will complete your booking,
  • And the flight ticket will be shared either on your phone number or email address. 

3. Ticket Counter Reservation

A seat reservation is always available on the ticket counters at the airport. So if you like to make a reservation, reach the American Airlines ticket counter and state your flight ticket requirements to the available representative. The representative will share the flight ticket options with you. You can ask for a suitable flight ticket to reserve and pay for the same. You will receive your printed American Airlines flight ticket at the ticket counter. 

List of the Reservation Class Available at American Airlines

American Airlines offers various classes on their flight for reservation, which you can opt for as per your requirement and budget. Below is the list of the reservation classes that you can consider:

Basic Economy

Basic Economy class is the cheapest option for seat reservations with American Airlines. The basic economy seats are assigned to the main cabin and are eligible for an upgrade later. Though, you could not make changes to the reservation as the fare is not-flexible. However, you can enjoy free snacks, soft drinks, and entertainment on the plane.

Premium Economy

It is a better version of the basic economy class on American Airlines flights which charges some extra fare and provides special amenities during the journey. With the premium economy reservation, you can receive the below amenities:

  • Priority check-in at the airport
  • Sit behind the first and business class
  • Seats with more legroom space
  • Adjustable seats with moveable headrests and extendable foot rester.
  • Large monitors along with the noise-reducing headphones 

Business Class

To acquire more comfort on your long journeys with American Airlines business class reservation is suited for the passengers. It present a wide range of additional services that are mentioned here:

  • Wider seats on the plane for more relaxation.
  • Premium meal service during the journey with wines.
  • Priority check-ins at the security point and priority baggage check-in.
  • Free Wi-Fi on the plane.
  • Free entertainment with streaming devices.
  • Pillows and blankets for each seat on the business class seat.
  • American Airlines lounge access at the airport.

First Class

The first-class reservation on the American Airlines flight is the most high-cost and offers the highest service to the passengers. You can receive five-star services during your journey and class relax throughout your trip without any interruption. With the most comfortable seating and privileged check-in, you also receive an extra baggage allowance. You will get free lounge access and enjoy premium meals and drinks with a variety of options. 

How to manage a reservation at American Airlines?

The flyers who reserved a seat on the American Airlines flight may need to make some changes later as the plans can fluctuate in any condition. In such cases, you should consider the managed booking option as it provides you a chance to change the flight date or time, edit the flight requirements, upgrade the seat, or choose a preferred set. Here is the process written by which you can manage the reservation at American Airlines:

  • You need to head to their site,
  • Choose the “My Trips” section,
  • Put the last name and booking reference as per the flight ticket,
  • Then you have to hit the “Find Reservation” button,
  • The reservation itinerary will load on the new page,
  • Next, you have to look for the required option for making the change on the same page,
  • Tapping the option, you will receive some instructions,
  • Following those, your reservation will be managed as needed at American Airlines. 

With these steps, you will avail of the reserved seat changed or upgraded as per your preference from the website, or you may choose to call the customer support team to request the requirement in your reservation. 

How long can I make a reservation with American Airlines?

You can reserve a seat on the American Airlines flight a maximum of 331 days in advance from the boarding gate, and the reservation option is open till 2 hours after the scheduled boarding. So a passenger wanting to get a seat on the plane can make the reservation at any moment between the allocated time at American Airlines. 


The person who needs to go through with the essential information of American Airlines reservations, like the various fare classes, different reservation methods, or other related things, should consider the above points and familiarise yourself with the reservation requirement. For any additional need, the officials are always available whom you can contact and get appropriate detail. Hence, using a suitable method, make your reservation with American Airlines. 



Frequently Asked Questions About American Airlines

American airlines offer credit cards to its flyers. Whether you are an avid or occasional American flyer, it is good to have a credit card that will make your travel cheaper, convenient and more rewarding when you perform American Airlines Reservations.  It is simple to get a credit card on the American airlines. But, you generally require an outstanding credit score of at least 760* to get rewards credit cards such as Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard.

Yes, it is mandatory for the passengers to get tested and they require a negative COVID 19 test report if you are planning to fly into the United States via air. If you want to fly into the United States, you need to yourself tested no more than 3 days before your journey and you are supposed to show your negative test report to the airline before you board your flight or should be ready to show the documentation of the recovery that is proof of a current positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or official public health declaring that you are safe to travel.  

There are so many factors, like weather, or any technical issues due to which flyers find it hard to check the flight departure timing. To ease the process, now you can check information regarding airlines at any time. 

  • Visit the American Airlines reservations page 
  • Click on the “flight status” option 
  • Provide the necessary information, like ID and flight details
  • Click on “to know the flight status” 
  • Get information regarding flight

Make sure you check it before you leave the place to board the plane. 

If an airline cancels the flights, then it will be considered an involuntary cancellation. American airlines reservations allow you to apply for a full refund. Make sure you apply for the refund fast and it may rely on the type of payment you made. 

If you have make American airlines reservations during the COVID year and you onboard , you will be given a small backpack that includes a sanitizer, tissues, a water bottle, and a small snack. Apart from that, you can also ask for drinks including alcohol. Plus, you will receive a meal on a single tray and some other victuals

Yes, you can buy a day but you need to remove the following things – 

1) You must 18 years or older. 

2) You should have a ticket for a flight on the same day you are buying a lounge pass. 

3)  You must have access to the Admirals Club location. 

While making American airlines reservations with your card, the airline will provide you with 2x points. If you have in total of 50,000 miles then you will give your group 1 boarding, if you are flying with domestic flight. Also, your check-in luggage will be free

If you are a holder of any one of the six American airline credit cards, then you can get free checked bags. For this, you need to make your reservations using anyone of these cards. Apart from this, you will also get miles points which you can use for future purposes.

The golden rule of credit cards is to use these cards wisely and spend accordingly. They are not cash that one does not have to return. Once paid the amount using credit cards, users are required to pay the same amount back in due time. So, if you are unable to pay the amount back then it is the rule that you should not be spending that much.

 Users need an excellent credit score to get the approval of rewards credit cards of Citibank. This score needs to be at least 760 or more to get the approval.

Keeping the strain of Covid in mind, a lot of airlines have imposed travel bans and those operating services are flying with the limited capacity. And to avoid rush or too much crowd on planes, mostly airlines have blocked the middle seats. But American airlines are flying with the full capacity.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American airlines are restricting their flights from flying to Hong Kong. Firstly, the American airlines planned to resume the flights to Hong Kong from 9 July but then later on, it was said in the statement that it would not restart the flights until August 5. American airlines have extended its suspension of flights to Hong Kong until 5 August.

American airlines provide three types of travel credits to its passengers such as Flight credit, travel vouchers, and trip credit.  Flight credit cannot be used for American Airlines Reservations for another person but the travel vouchers and trip credit can be used for booking the travel for another person.

To make sure your reservation is confirmed, you can double check the reservations through record locator. Record locator is basically a confirmation code given on the back of the boarding pass or the confirmation mail.

Finding the American Airlines record locator

If you are looking for the record locator related to the American Airlines reservations then you can go to the official website of the airline and then on the home page under ‘find your trip’ section enter your booking number. Now enter the name of the passenger and click on the search option with which you can easily find out the record locator.

Yes, it does charge for the phone reservations but American airlines have also dropped the fees for the reservations that are done on a call like the price that was charged previously was around $25 for the domestic & $35 for the international itineraries are booked on phone. The services of the customer care support team are available 24/7 round the clock to assist the customer in the right way.

The customer service team that helps the customer for the American Airlines reservations, over call now are making the customers more comfortable & relaxing, so that they can easily book their reservations with easy & smooth approach & they also provide the customers with different tips & methods for online reservation process for the website & tells them hoe to avail the reservation process over online booking page.

American Airlines Info

American Airlines Reservations: +1 800-433-7300
American Airlines Baggage Tracking Number: +1 800-535-5225
American Airlines Live Person Phone Number-1 (800)-433-7300
American Airlines Reservations Phone Number-1 800-FLY-AA
Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States

American Airlines Hubs

 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, More

Top American Airlines Airports
  • American Airlines to V.C. Bird International Airport
  • American Airlines to Ministro Pistarini International Airport
  • American Airlines to Queen Beatrix International Airport
  • American Airlines to Sydney Airport
  • American Airlines to Freeport International Airport.



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