American Airlines Reservations Lookup

All about American Airlines:

A major American airline and as the name suggests, American Airlines is the major airline that has its headquarter in Fort Worth. This is the world’s largest airline when measure by its revenue, fleet size, scheduled passenger-kilometer flown and several destinations served by this airline.

Coming on the services, the quality of the services of the airline can be imagined by the passengers as this is one of the famous airlines. the inflight and the online services provided by this airline has no end. Well, let us move further on the topic of American airline classes.

Classes of American Airlines:

If passengers talk about classes in the American airlines, they can take full knowledge of this by calling on American Airlines reservations. The amenities provided by the classes of this airline can be explained below:

Economy class:

This class is best for passengers who want to fly with American Airlines at the lowest price. There will be some restrictions but it is for sure that they will be provided with comfortable seats in the main cabin and they can also enjoy soft drinks, free snacks, and inflight entertainment.

If passengers want to enjoy some more amenities, they can go for Premium economy class that will provide extra by paying some extra money. The legroom will be wider and spacious. They will also be able to enjoy the travel with adjustable leather seats along with headrests and extendable foot.

Talking about entertainment, they can enjoy free and personal entertainment with noise-reducing headphones and larger monitors. Chef-inspired meals will be available for passengers with wine, beer, and spirit complementary. The seats will also have power outlets and USB ports.


By purchasing the business class ticket, the passengers will be provided with a higher level of service on shorter international flights between the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. In the business class, they can relax with the wider seats with more legroom. They can choose from the larger menu in Business. The meals will be paired with award-winning wines.

The in flight entertainment is free, with wireless streaming and seat back available on selected aircraft.


Talking about the first class, it helps you to get through the speedy entry, boarding, and security at the airport. Passengers can get checked bags first at the time of landing. The seats will be wider and will have more legroom.

The dining will be partnered with the acclaimed chefs so that can create premium menus in the first.

Now, as you are well acquainted with the services and classes of American Airlines, they might be wanting to go for reservation in the airline. so, people can call on the American Airlines reservations for that. Well, here are explaining the process of doing the online reservation below.

American Airlines Reservations Process:

The reservation process of American Airlines starts by taking the following steps:

  • Open the website of American airline and fill in the details of your travel in the box on the home screen.
  • The details will include information about the place of leaving and arriving, the dates of travel, and the number of passengers traveling. Now, the user has to click on the search.
  • When passengers will click on search, they will be getting the list of flights that they can choose.
  • In the next step, they have to click on continue.
  • A form will open in which passengers have to fill in the details of the passengers traveling.
  • Once you are done with that, you have to click on continue.
  • Passengers will be asked to complete the procedure by doing the payment. They can choose mode of payment.
  • Complete the process and they will get the confirmation email on registered email address.

American airlines reservations can also help with managing the booking that they have just booked in case they want to edit it or make some changes. Let us see how:

Manage Booking on American Airlines:

  • Go to the official website and tap on “My trips”.
  • Now, they will see the text field where they have to fill the passengers' last name, first name and booking reference. Click on “Find reservations”.
  • Passengers can manage booking as per their requirement.
  • American airlines reservations can help to get out from tough situation.

Can you chat with anyone live from American Airlines?

American Airlines is been serving people from all over the world with its flying services. And in the span of last many years, a lot of passengers have established a trust with this renowned airline. And the reason behind this that American Airline has established a strong relation with its customers. If as a passenger, you feel any doubt then you can always contact the American airlines reservations phone number. 

Is there any chat service in the American Airlines?

There are a lot of passengers who face issues in the American Airlines hence to clarify them, you can take the help of support team. And one such medium is American Airlines reservations chat. Hence, yes you can easily chat live with the support team.

1.You can either send a text on their helpline number which is active 24x7.
2.Or you can also register your complain on the online helpdesk of the American Airlines.
3.Once your query is received, team will revert you back.

And for any doubt, contact the American airlines customer service chat.

What is the American Airlines Baggage Policy?

American Airlines is quite strict toward a baggage process and for that, it will be important to understand baggage policy in a suitable manner. It makes you active to go for the free baggage process by using a credit card and you can get some waive for check baggage fee that can be done by following the baggage policy as pointed down.

  1. American Airlines allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item that is considered as per passenger fee which is free.
  2. It is important to know that carry-on should not be exceeded the following size and weight that restricts more than 45 linear inches including handles and wheels.
  3. If you are going for the baggage checking randomly for first, second, and third baggage, you are required to pay a fee of $30 to $150 per head.

For further help and information regarding flight baggage policy, do contact by making a call at the American Airlines reservations phone number that is available to help you at any time.

What is American Airlines Check-in Policy?

American Airlines provides various facilities of check-in online or offline mode that you can do from the app starting within 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before departure your flight. You can also visit the official website of American Airlines reservations and follow the on-screen instructions in a quite suitable way.

  1. If you are unable to understand the check-in policy, follow the important points given below.
  2. It is important to go for the check-in within 24 hours before departure on American Airlines.
  3. You can select the boarding pass after check-in your bags that should be limited in weight, dimension, and height as per the given instruction.
  4. You can also go to the counter to start checking-in and checking the luggage that you can do at the counter for the Airline.

Thus, by doing so, you can make your travel experience perfect in a good manner after booking with American Airlines.

Cities Where American Airlines Reservations Available:

Covid 19 Travel Updates by AA Airlines in American Airlines Reservations Process

All the airlines gives priority to the health and safety of its customers, that is why during this tough period while the whole world is dealing with the Corona pandemic, airlines are setting appropriate travel guidelines accordingly. Similarly, American Airlines has also provided a set of travel updates, by giving preference to the recent Covid situation. Therefore, if passengers have booked a journey with American Airlines for upcoming days, then know recent Covid travel updates as discussed below:

  • If passenegrs are supposed to travel with American Airlines in next 72 hours, then they can cancel their booking or American Airlines reservations process online without calling them. They can call them later while go for the re-booking.
  • American Airlines has waived the change fee for all the bookings done for certain dates.
  • People who have booked tickets before 1st march 2020 for a travel up to 31st may 2020 are allowed to re-book a flight free of cost.
  • People who have booked tickets between 1st-31st march 2020 for a travel up to 28th February 2021 can also change to later date without fee.
  • American Airlines will refund the difference in the ticket price from current to the later flight whenever they do the re-booking.

Besides, don’t bother to call American Airlines reservations department regarding the changes passengers are making in their travel plan during these days.

People Generally Asked the Questions

Question 1 : How do I print out my boarding pass for American Airlines?


    • American airlines give access to the passengers to the airport self-service kiosk to check-in 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
    • Go to the official website of the airlines, enter the details of passengers' last name and the confirmation number..
    • You can ask your travel agent to print a boarding pass at the American Airlines counter..
    • Connect your call to the customer support representative of the American airlines for any query related to the reservation or you may ask them to send the boarding pass on the registered mail id.

Question 2: How much does it cost to fly a dog on American Airlines?


American airlines reservations have strict pet policies that you can do while carrying a pet.?

  • The weight of the pet does not exceed more than 20 pounds.
  • Passengers can carry pets under the carrier with the door closed under the seat.
  • From Hawaii to all transatlantic flights and flights to Bolivia, chile or Venezuela no pets are allowed to carry.
  • The pet carrier should not be longer than 23*13*9 in size.
  • You are required to pay a fee of $125 per pet carrier in the cabin.
  • Curbside entry or the self-service is not allowed when traveling with a pet.

Question 3: What is the fee to change a flight on American Airlines?


It is most important to make some modifications to your flight right after booking a flight ticket on American Airlines. If you want to change your flight ticket online with exceeding 90 minutes, you can simply get an allowance to switch your fight to others within 24 hours before or after the original departure time. It is an American Airlines reservations that allows full refunds on tickets when the change is more than an hour or if a non-stop flight becomes a connecting itinerary and for that, you have to some of the fees that have been prescribed.

When it comes to a flight change fee, it has a whopping $200 change fee on paid fares for domestic flights and up to $750 for international flights. If you want to change your flight on the same day, you might be charges starting from $75 to $150 in the economy and free for business class and first-class passengers are on paid fares already.

Question 4: How do I get American Airlines app


Download American Airlines app to get all information of flight ticket

An American airline gives you an option to download their multiple featured app of booking, seat assignment and for making other modifications in the flight ticket. Here in the American airlines reservations page you will see some of the important steps required to Download American airlines App in a simple, safe and secured way.

Steps to Download American Airlines App

  • At the beginning of the process, go to download the App.
  • You redirect to the page of Apple, where only this app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch.
  • Application requires iOS 12.0, and the watch OS should be of 3.2 or later, each of it are Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Steps to Downlaod app for the android users

  • Go to the Google Play store.
  • Put the name of American airlines app.
  • Next, install it on your phone.
  • Now successfully installed the App.

Consider and adhere with the above information to share, transfer and gather information of your flight ticket or get your boarding pass with the help of App. If required you can take assistance from the american airlines reservations team to learn more about the process of downloading American airlines app.

Question 5: What is the process involved in checking the flight status of American Airlines?


American airlines have come across many passengers who book the flight for their passengers but are not aware of the process by which they can check the status of their flight. The process helps know the status that will help the passengers, and they will not be late to board their flight.

Checking the flight status of American Airlines:

  • Open the official website and click on the Flight status tab.
  • A drop-down will open in which you need to enter the flight number, the place of leaving and arrival, and the date.
  • You need to click on Find flight option now.
  • This will open the details of your flight and the current status of your flight.

Passengers can now take the necessary steps according to flight and board the plane. For more information, passengers can call on the American Airlines reservations number, and then they can have a word with the agents available online. They will help you out in resolving any query realted to American airlines reservations. The agents are calm and listen to the problems of the passengers.

Question 6: Can I hold a reservation on American Airlines?


Yes, you are allowed to hold a reservation for free up to 24 hours. This booking must be done at least a week before the date of departure. To hold a reservation, on the review and pay section, select the Hold option. You can hold the booking on the flights of American Airlines or the codeshare flights, through the official website. You cannot hold a promotion code reservation as it has only the instant purchase option. Here are the steps to hold a American Airlines reservations:

  1. Choose your preferred flights, and select the Hold option, when it comes to Review and Pay page for payment.
  2. Then, refer to the confirmation email or visit the option of My Trips to pay for the hold booking.
  3. If you don't pay for the held booking within 24 hours, it will be automatically cancelled by the airline.
  4. Also, you have the option of extended hold, but it has different criteria.

For any further details on holding a reservation, you can contact American Airlines reservations. To reach the airline customer service phone number which is available 24x7 for your assistance, you can browse the contact section of American Airlines and get in touch with them.

Question 7: How do I get a refund from American Airlines?


Steps to Know How to Get A Refund from American Airlines!

1. Start by opening any web browser .
2. Tap on the “Manage my Travel/ Trip” option from the navigation bar at the top of the page and proceed further.
3. Enter the booking or reservations details along with the last name on the required page and tap “Next”.
4. You will be seeing itinerary details. Fetch the booking that you want to cancel and tap on it.
5. Choose the option “Cancel my Reservation” and check the terms related to the cancellation policy. 
6. When you read all the terms stated from the policy, tap “Agree and Confirm”.
7. You will be notified.

With the above steps you come to know how to get the refund but to know the eligibility you can contact customer service.Passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours of American airlines reservations will be eligible for a full refund. To check the refund details and status, contact customer service.

Question 8: Where can I use my American Airlines credit card?


All American Airlines credit cards can be used anywhere. The cards have the Mastercard network such that it can be used in around 210 countries and territories. Some of the credit cards by American Airlines and its uses are mentioned below.

1. AAdvantage MileUp Card: Having this card can earn up to 10,000 bonus miles and has no annual fee. This card can also earn two times at grocery stores.
2. Citi/ AAdvantage Platinum Select Card: This card can be used to earn two times at restaurants and gas stations.
3. Citi/ AAdvantage Executive Card: This card gives Admirals club membership with up to $650 annual payment, global entry, or TSA Precheck Application free credit.

And there are many other cards by American Airlines that can be used in many ways to benefit passengers. For more information, passengers are free to contact American Airlines reservations phone number any time.

Question 9:What is not allowed on American Airlines

There are passengers who always want to know what is allowed when they travel by airlines. but , if you want to know what is not allowed on American Airlines then here are details of it.

Things and Services Not Allowed on American Airlines!

1. To start with, passengers might be allowed to take pets with them but they are not allowed to take dogs of a certain breed like American Terriers, Mastiffs, BullDogs, etc.
2. Passengers are also not allowed to take alcoholic beverages which is over 70% of the Volume.
3. American Airlines does not allow dry ice, cutting instruments, drones, Scissors, knives, etc,
4. Passengers will also not be allowed to take Stun Gun, medicines without prescription, documents required for travel.

And there can be many other items that are not allowed by American Airlines. However, if you want more information about American Airlines reservations about the things that are not allowed then you are free to contact the customer service phone number.

Question 10: How can I get credit for my American Airlines flight?


If you are a passenger who wants to know in which cases will you be eligible for the travel credit then you happen to have landed at the correct place. In this piece of information you will come to learn about various facts about the eligibility of credit for American Airlines flight. Follow the information below to know more.

Knowing About American Airlines Credit and Eligibility!

  1. American Airlines is said to provide three types of credits that are flight credit, travel vouchers and trip credit. Let us explain about each of them.
  2. Flight credit is eligible when you cancel your American Airlines reservations on your own. And it is eligible for the flights only and not for extra seats and bags. 
  3. However, travel credit is the compensation from American Airlines or the remaining value in case of flight change. This also cannot be used for other benefits other than booking the flights. 

So, if you want to know whether you can get the credit, contact customer service of American Airlines.

Question 11 : How to avail the travel voucher on airlines?


If you have any type of the travel voucher then you can use it to make american airlines reservations and save money. All you have to do is go on the website, tap on booking page and after filling all the details, tap on other mode of payment and choose voucher.

Most Asked Queries

American Airlines Reservations from Atlanta to Miami

American Airlines Reservations from Charlotte to Orlando

There are many of the people that are seeking for some more queries while travelling with American Airlines. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sure will help out:


Frequently Asked Questions About American Airlines

American airlines offer credit cards to its flyers. Whether you are an avid or occasional American flyer, it is good to have a credit card that will make your travel cheaper, convenient and more rewarding when you perform American Airlines Reservations.  It is simple to get a credit card on the American airlines. But, you generally require an outstanding credit score of at least 760* to get rewards credit cards such as Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard.

Yes, it is mandatory for the passengers to get tested and they require a negative COVID 19 test report if you are planning to fly into the United States via air. If you want to fly into the United States, you need to yourself tested no more than 3 days before your journey and you are supposed to show your negative test report to the airline before you board your flight or should be ready to show the documentation of the recovery that is proof of a current positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or official public health declaring that you are safe to travel.  

There are so many factors, like weather, or any technical issues due to which flyers find it hard to check the flight departure timing. To ease the process, now you can check information regarding airlines at any time. 

  • Visit the American Airlines reservations page 
  • Click on the “flight status” option 
  • Provide the necessary information, like ID and flight details
  • Click on “to know the flight status” 
  • Get information regarding flight

Make sure you check it before you leave the place to board the plane. 

If an airline cancels the flights, then it will be considered an involuntary cancellation. American airlines reservations allow you to apply for a full refund. Make sure you apply for the refund fast and it may rely on the type of payment you made. 

If you have make American airlines reservations during the COVID year and you onboard , you will be given a small backpack that includes a sanitizer, tissues, a water bottle, and a small snack. Apart from that, you can also ask for drinks including alcohol. Plus, you will receive a meal on a single tray and some other victuals

Yes, you can buy a day but you need to remove the following things – 

1) You must 18 years or older. 

2) You should have a ticket for a flight on the same day you are buying a lounge pass. 

3)  You must have access to the Admirals Club location. 

While making American airlines reservations with your card, the airline will provide you with 2x points. If you have in total of 50,000 miles then you will give your group 1 boarding, if you are flying with domestic flight. Also, your check-in luggage will be free

If you are a holder of any one of the six American airline credit cards, then you can get free checked bags. For this, you need to make your reservations using anyone of these cards. Apart from this, you will also get miles points which you can use for future purposes.

The golden rule of credit cards is to use these cards wisely and spend accordingly. They are not cash that one does not have to return. Once paid the amount using credit cards, users are required to pay the same amount back in due time. So, if you are unable to pay the amount back then it is the rule that you should not be spending that much.

 Users need an excellent credit score to get the approval of rewards credit cards of Citibank. This score needs to be at least 760 or more to get the approval.

Keeping the strain of Covid in mind, a lot of airlines have imposed travel bans and those operating services are flying with the limited capacity. And to avoid rush or too much crowd on planes, mostly airlines have blocked the middle seats. But American airlines are flying with the full capacity.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American airlines are restricting their flights from flying to Hong Kong. Firstly, the American airlines planned to resume the flights to Hong Kong from 9 July but then later on, it was said in the statement that it would not restart the flights until August 5. American airlines have extended its suspension of flights to Hong Kong until 5 August.

American airlines provide three types of travel credits to its passengers such as Flight credit, travel vouchers, and trip credit.  Flight credit cannot be used for American Airlines Reservations for another person but the travel vouchers and trip credit can be used for booking the travel for another person.

To make sure your reservation is confirmed, you can double check the reservations through record locator. Record locator is basically a confirmation code given on the back of the boarding pass or the confirmation mail.

Finding the American Airlines record locator

If you are looking for the record locator related to the American Airlines reservations then you can go to the official website of the airline and then on the home page under ‘find your trip’ section enter your booking number. Now enter the name of the passenger and click on the search option with which you can easily find out the record locator.

Yes, it does charge for the phone reservations but American airlines have also dropped the fees for the reservations that are done on a call like the price that was charged previously was around $25 for the domestic & $35 for the international itineraries are booked on phone. The services of the customer care support team are available 24/7 round the clock to assist the customer in the right way.

The customer service team that helps the customer for the American Airlines reservations, over call now are making the customers more comfortable & relaxing, so that they can easily book their reservations with easy & smooth approach & they also provide the customers with different tips & methods for online reservation process for the website & tells them hoe to avail the reservation process over online booking page.

American Airlines Info

American Airlines Reservations: +1 800-433-7300
American Airlines Baggage Tracking Number: +1 800-535-5225
American Airlines Live Person Phone Number-1 (800)-433-7300
American Airlines Reservations Phone Number-1 800-FLY-AA
Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States

American Airlines Hubs

 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, More

Top American Airlines Airports
  • American Airlines to V.C. Bird International Airport

At St. John's (ANU-V.C. Bird Intl. ), which terminal does American Airlines operate out of?

The main terminal is where most American Airlines flights from St. John's (ANU-V.C. Bird Intl.) depart. Once you will get your boarding pass after american airlines reservations you will get to know which terminal you will be departing from.

Is Wi-Fi available for free at St. John's (ANU-V.C. Bird Intl.)?

Yeah, indeed. Take advantage of St. John's free Wi-Fi. if you need to send a message to your loved ones or you're looking for some entertainment.

What time should I arrive at St. John's (ANU-V.C. Bird Intl.) for my flight?

For domestic flights, most airlines recommend arriving at the counter at least one hour before departure. If you're travelling with checked baggage, however, you can arrive sooner. When travelling internationally, it's important to arrive three hours prior to departure to allow for passport control and security screening. If you're travelling during the holidays, it's a smart idea to arrive even sooner.

  • American Airlines to Ministro Pistarini International Airport

In Buenos Aires (EZE-Ministro Pistarini Intl. ), which terminal does American Airlines operate out of?

The majority of American Airlines flights depart from Terminal A in Buenos Aires (EZE-Ministro Pistarini Intl.). 

Is Wi-Fi available for free at Ezeiza International Airport?

Yeah, indeed. Using the free Wi-Fi in Buenos Aires if you need to text your loved ones to say "I'm here!" or you have a lot of time to yourself to watch a show or movie. 

Before my flight, how long do I need to be in Buenos Aires (EZE-Ministro Pistarini Intl.)?

If you're flying domestically, arrive at the airport at least one hour before your flight is scheduled to depart. To be on the safe side, arrive with enough time to spare. If you're flying internationally, get to the airport three hours or more before your flight to allow for passport control and protection. If you're flying during peak season, remember to arrive even sooner or can call to American airlines reservations phone number.

  • American Airlines to Queen Beatrix International Airport

At Oranjestad (AUA-Queen Beatrix Intl. ), which terminal does American Airlines operate out of?

If you're flying out of Oranjestad (AUA-Queen Beatrix Intl.) with American Airlines, you'll almost certainly be flying out of the main terminal.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the AUA-Queen Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad?

Yeah, indeed. Make good use of the free Wi-Fi at Oranjestad, if you need to send a message to your loved ones or you have plenty of time to kill.

How much time do I have in Oranjestad until my flight?

Even though most airports suggest checking in one hour before your flight departs for domestic flights, arriving early is a good idea, particularly if you have baggage to check. Many airports, on the other hand, recommend checking in at least three hours before your international flight is scheduled to depart.

  • American Airlines to Sydney Airport

Is Wi-Fi available for free at Sydney Airport?

It's easy to link to free Wi-Fi in Sydney, New South Wales (SYD-Kingsford Smith Intl.). Do you have a work email to respond to or just want to catch up with your favorite shows? It's not a problem.

Before my flight, how long do I need to be in Sydney, NSW (SYD-Kingsford Smith Intl.)? 

Even though most domestic airports only require you to enter one hour prior to departure, it's a good idea to arrive a little earlier, particularly if you have checked luggage. Arrive at the counter at least three hours prior to the departure of your international flight. It takes time to check your baggage, go through screening, and then find your gate.

  • American Airlines to Freeport International Airport.

At Freeport (FPO-Grand Bahama Intl. ), which terminal does American Airlines operate out of?

After American airlines reservations process check your boarding pass to see which Freeport terminal American Airlines will be departing from on that particular day. 

How much time do I have in Freeport until my flight?

If you're flying domestically, arrive at the airport at least one hour before departure. Often on the side of caution and arrive early. Arrive at the counter at least three hours prior to the departure of your international flight. It can take a long time to drop off your luggage, clear passport control, and then walk to your entrance.


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Yes Passengers travelling by this airline are satisfied with the services and are preferring this flight for their travel. Besides, if the people want to know more about this airline then they can simply call on the American airlines reservations department and can speak to the concerned airline representatives available on the phone lines.

American Airlines on the other hand provides various services to its passengers that are of top class. These services vary in their charges as many services are absolutely free but many are paid. To know about the charges and the features the passengers can make a call on the American flight reservations department and can get all the relevant details about the same. Even though the services are paid but they are all worth utilizing. Some of the services provided by the American airlines are as followed :

  • Airlines provide lounge and clubs for its passengers.
  • Gate escorting services.
  • Early time boarding services.
  • Security screening services on the airport.
  • In-flight coordination services.
  • Car services
  • So, these are some of the services that the airline services provides to its passengers. These services are really amazing and the passengers should avail it for best experience. If the passengers want to know more about these mentioned services then they can directly dial the American airlines reservations phone number and can get in touch with the executives for more information. If the passengers want to book their tickets for American Airlines then they can book it by just following some of the steps that will enable the booking. The steps for booking tickets for American flight reservations are simple but the passengers should correctly fill all their details while reserving their tickets.

    If the passengers are facing any issues regarding their ticket booking or if they are having any confusion about it then they can directly talk with the airlines concerned representatives who are available on the American airlines reservations. The specific number is mentioned in the official site of American Airlines, so the passengers can avail it from there and can make use of it at any time of the day as the service is open for all the 24/7 and 365 days. Passengers can make their instant plan and can also avail the last minute flight by just calling on this American airlines reservations phone number.

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